Giorgetti Condo Midrise Now Living in the Shadow of Hanover’s Apartment Tower Next Door

Looking east from what’s now the top of the soon-to-be-7 story Giorgetti Condo midrise on Steel St., you get a real eyeful of the planned 32-stories taller Hanover River Oaks apartment tower that’s rising next to it (and a glimpse at 2727 Kirby in the distance). Both unfinished buildings are going up on the northern half of what used to be the Kirby Court Apartments and together will occupy almost the entire block south of the former West Ave retail and apartment complex that’s recently made quite a new name for itself as “The Shops at Arrive.” A handful of houses and retail buildings along Kipling St. — including the Becks Prime on the corner of Kirby — are the only veterans sticking around.

A look in the opposite direction shows the Giorgetti’s bald head backed by neighboring townhouses along Virginia St.:


The Italian furniture maker that’s giving the condo its name has been doing some interior decorating like it promised, reports Paper City‘s Chris Baldwin. And for buyers who just can’t wait to see what the company has in store for them, it’s also offering tours of its factory.

Photos: Giorgetti Houston

Furniture-Themed Development

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  • I don’t get one thing. The Giorgetti is a super-high end condo, like millions of $$$. Why would anyone spending that kind of money want to live in the shadow of a 32 story APARTMENT complex??? Apartments? Yeah, I want apt dwellers looking down on my million dollar balcony. And blocking my view in one direction. At least with 2727 Kirby across the street, it may be landlocked on a postage stamp sized plot, but no one blocks their view.

    Explain this to me.

  • @ Rusty: It’s called overly ambitious developers who think they can make a name for themselves ( Jacob Sudhoff & husband). I’ll pass on this overly priced, ill-placed development. You’re right about the 2727 Kirby. bldg. No views blocked ,yet. This being Houston -new buildings could pop up and block the awesome views..

  • I’m not sure how sales are doing. It seems like they’ve been stuck at about 50% for the last 6 months, which corresponds to when the Hanover building starting taking off. Maybe buyers didn’t realize this — or if they did, couldn’t imagine how bad it could be. Plus there’s other great new buildings on much better land, including the Sophie (same builder) and The Revere (a few blocks away in River Oaks). Maybe they like this furniture that much???

  • The building is only 7 stories. The views to the north would have been blocked by the West Ave apartments. For most people who have lived in large dense metropolitan areas, the view from a condo is usually the other condo across the street. The price tag for these units is pretty aggressive, but not out of control. Townhomes in upper Kirby are getting over 1 mil. Some rich city slickers prefer having a valet/doorman and a midrise condo to our ubiquitous townhomes with built in garages. The Italian design schtick probably won’t support the pricing, but Houston is starting to see a decent luxury condo market.

  • @Rusty: Yes, but this isn’t your regular ole apartment complex. There will not be McDonald’s litter, or Bud Light cans everywhere. Not to mention the no smoking ordinance. You won’t have people flicking their cigarettes in your gardens.

    Lower middle class is the worst!