Houston Housing Authority Leadership Swap; More Condos for River Oaks


Photo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: City Council Greenlights Study on Public Contract Disparity
    So, we’re going to spend $1 million on a study that will probably tell us the same thing as the last one in 2006 – namely that minority and women-owned contractors aren’t getting their proportionate share of public contracts?
    I think we can spend $100 and just make 20 copies of the old one and use Word to replace “2016” for “2006” in all references and be done. Spend the other $999,900 on actual services. Stop squandering!

  • Major Market, you took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Re Condos: given that mansion-lites in the area can be snagged for well under half that price, I’m guessing this will just be a crash pad for Saudi royalty and possibly an air b n b bonanza for the next generation kaeto kaelins who will invatiably end up living here.

  • Re: Palm Center

    The article was very optimistic about the success of the development, which seems premature to me. Everything from the rendering showing way too many people walking in front of the facade (how often would there really be that many people out there?), to declaring that the developer will make a profit (before construction is even complete), to claiming that UH students will be dying live there (yeah right). Also, I don’t understand how the development will force “mixed-income” to work, since it doesn’t seem to work anywhere in Houston these days. What is the incentive for the wealthier group to step in? The area is high-violent crime, some of the worst public schools in HISD, not very much retail or grocery nearby, and it’s at the dead-end of the Purple Line, so you can only really take it one way – towards downtown.