Goldilocks in Spring Branch: This One Looks Just Right

Hidden among the pix of this new Spring Branch listing: more evidence of Houston’s snoozy real-estate market. Details:

Drastic reduction by $105k! Bargain hunter where r u? . . . can easily convert to commercial use for clinic,office,corner store,washertia. High traffic area . . .

We’re hoping that’s a plain ol’ residential use pictured in the bedroom here.

And who’s sleeping in that other bed?


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  • Does the sleeping teenager come with the house? Perhaps THAT’S the reason for the prioe reduction. Either that, or its the housekeeper grabbing a quick snooze before making the rest of the beds in the house. She’ll need all her strength to wash & wax that acre of tile floor in the living room.

  • This house for $425K? Or even $320K? Still more than twice the appraisal. What’s so special there? Barely updated, laminated floors, no garage, seems to be run down.

  • “all bedrooms…o carpet!”
    [from the HAR listing] LOL!

  • The “o carpet” is pretty funny. I also like the “Style: Traditional”. Yeah, if your traditions tend toward the brothel/ dentist office/ karaoke lounge combo. The funeral home profiled on here a few months ago was less scary than this place.

  • Obviously this guy is a killer realtor. Really did his homework on a great listing with well done pictures.

  • Instead of reducing the price by $105K, just make that the asking price. Sold!

  • I don’t know what the place is worth, but I think it’s a crappy HOME – too small bedrooms, too vacuous living spaces, too asphalt front yard…
    I see an Antique Mall or Consignment Shop here. Anyone want to go into business with me?

  • The scary part is this agent has like, 54 listings! How the %*^& do you get to that level of success pulling stunts like this? It does not take a PhD in marketing to know you don’t take a picture of an unmade bed, let alone one with someone STILL SLEEPING IN IT! I just don’t get it.

  • The Realtor is only selling the commercial aspect, me thinks.

  • It’s also near a “washertia.” That might explain the very visible jug of bleach in the bathroom photo. Wilf, LOL at your description. This place has definite potential as a…a…I don’t know what. Maybe it should team up with the MAXIMUM PLAZA party hall nearby on Long Point @ Silber.

  • The interior space really isn’t that bad until you realize the exterior space is basically a parking lot on
    Wirt Road and then the interior space begins to cause all sorts of visions of different types of businesses. But even with that, the price is way, way, way too high in this market. Although I guess it would depend on what kind of market you were going into when buying this house.

    It probably would make a good “massage parlor” since the clients could just honk at the gate which would keep undesirables out. Undesireables like the vice squad.

    A flower shop it won’t be. Or a boutique. Or a chi-chi restaurant.

  • Ooh. Washertia. Is that like a fringe religion or something?

  • Why would someone use a former Chinese food restaurant as a home?

  • I’m about to get in trouble laughing out loud at work. I rarely see pics with people in them on the MLS or any real estate site but this one with someone sleeping in the bed-no way!

  • movocelot, you’ve given me a case of the giggles!