Gone from Idylwood, FEMA Style

Then you saw it, now you don’t: Part 2 of FEMA’s buy it, then demolish it plan for the oft-flooded home at 1954 N. MacGregor Way in Idylwood is now complete, reports a reader. “The plants around the trees seem to be all that’s left. And, that funny knotty thing on the tree on the right.” A source scores the low-lying property as the 10th FEMA buyout of Hurricane Ike-damaged homes in the neighborhood, though more residents have turned down similar offers. Just across the street from the property: The uppity banks of Brays Bayou.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • I drove along that part of the bayou the other day. The view is just not the same as pre Ike. So much open space and emptyness.

    On the positive side, it looks as if HC flood control has done a lot of improvement to Brays in that area.

  • Well, considering the bayou was up to the driveway there just a couple of weeks ago, guess what needed to be done, was done.

    Shame though with all of this new space, its looking kinda shabby ’til regular grass and some good landscaping come back.