Good First Ward Coffee Shops are Hard To Find

GOOD FIRST WARD COFFEE SHOPS ARE HARD TO FIND Houstonia Magazine’s Nick Panzarella likes what he sees — er, drinks at Paper Co., a reincarnation of Taft Street Coffee that’s moved in behind that Marfreless-like blue door at the Ecclesia Church on Elder St. But this door — though just around the corner from the artist lofts at the old Jefferson Davis Hospital, it opens up to a permashaded no person’s land beneath I-45 — seems to give Panzarella some pause: “Its location, being tucked into a dead end on the edge of the First Ward, is its largest drawback.” [Houstonia Magazine; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Allyn West

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  • The location is my favorite part of Paper Co- I think it’s the best view you can find of downtown Houston if you go around to the front of the building.

  • This area/neighborhood needs sidewalks or speed bumps and this place is begging for an obvious, close-by, and big public art attraction. It would be nice if Girard St. connected under I45, especially if some sort of projectionist /sculpture outdoor art gallery/park was worked up in that “no mans land” site.

    Also it would be nice to be able to legally cross the train tracks as a pedestrian in that area (without having to go back west to Houston Ave.); maybe one day when the downtown post office ever gets redeveloped..

  • Best religious-themed coffee shop name? HeBrews.

  • I was shocked when legendary Taft Street Coffee was closed. It was such a good place for reading about the religious realms of existence over a good cup of coffee.

    Not sure how many spontaneous visitors/pedestrians the new place will attract.