Goodbye Forever, Meyerland H-E-B; A Flood-Control Plan as Big as Texas; The Deadliest Intersection in Houston

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    Oh look, a topic for me! Living in the area, a lot of my neighbors are saddened or mad. I find it a good thing. Time to expand and update! The Meyerland H-E-B was a smaller store with not a lot of options. A so-called “neighborhood store”. I can imagine the (new) Meyerland store will be huge like the Buffalo Speedway/Bissonnet store. Or even a two-story HEB like the one going up in Bellaire!

  • Re: Goodbye forever, Meyerland HEB
    I have to agree with HEBisbetter: it was time to let the old smaller Pantry store go, especially after it got knocked out twice by floods. Belden’s across the bayou can still service the local area in the meantime.

  • Better hope for a Mi Tienda (a HEB subsidiary) for any rebuild …. the prices for fresh fruit, veggies and breads are as much as 1/2 lower for the same merchandise while canned/boxed goods are about the same.

  • I think meyerland needs to be thinking about buyouts, not the bigger and better HEB. There aren’t enough demand for mansions to sell all those flooded residential properties for a decent enough return. The Jewish community will likely leave meyerland since their homes and places of worship keep flooding. That community was a big part of the meyerland economy and what made it such a desirable area.

  • @MiTiendaIsBetterThanHEB: Nice username! Thanks for the laugh

  • I didn’t shop at the Meyerland HEB. It was small and dirty and had a tiny selection compared to Kroger and Wal-mart. Their beer selection was decent. I won’t miss the HEB, but I think that strip center is doomed now.
    I haven’t seen HEB say there will be a new Meyerland store. They are saying Meyerland customers can shop at the new Bellaire store.

  • @Memebag: “We regret any inconvenience this closure creates for residents,” Cyndy Garza Roberts, director of H-E-B Public Affairs, said in the release. “However, we remain committed to serving this community and are in active negotiations for another site in the area which we hope to announce in the very near future.”

    While they don’t specify Meyerland, they mention “in the area”. Bellaire just got a HEB so where else would it go? People on Nextdoor are gossiping about numerous Meyerland locations for the new HEB.

  • Or even a two-story HEB like the one going up in Bellaire!

    The store In Bellaire will be much similar to the HEB They’ve built in San Antonio near the intersection of Interstate 10 & US 90 just south of Downtown SA. Furthermore, HEB needs to look at the corner of Braeswood at Srella Link as its next location for its Meyerland replacement store.

  • I grew up in that area and remember when the Supercuts opened up on that same corner. Went from the time I was 9 or 10 up until my late 30s. I agree with Memebag about that Pantry store being small and dirty. Even when it newly opened in the 90s, it already seemed old and out of date.

    I moved away about 7 years ago, but I still miss Belden’s.

  • It was actually pretty nice after the recent remodel due to the last flood. They widened the aisles and expanded the beer and meat selection.

    It wasn’t a perfect store for weekly trips but it was great in a pinch.

    Belden’s is overpriced, plain and simple.