Goodbye to Health Fountain

GOODBYE TO HEALTH FOUNTAIN A reader is looking for some acknowledgment of the demise of the Health Fountain Restaurant, a fixture inside the Post Oak Y at 1331 Augusta (now officially called the Trotter Family YMCA) for more than 30 years. “Nothing horrible happened, I think the gentleman that owned it was just ready to retire. They quietly closed their doors around Christmastime and the restaurant is now Island Smoothie. I will miss the old place, as will many many others! They always had good healthy food and friendly service . . . Island smoothie will be good too, just would be nice to see some publication say so long and that they will be missed!” Update, 1/24: The restaurant’s new name is Island Grill. [Swamplot inbox] Photo: YMCA Houston

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  • Many of the employees and menu items remain the same, so it doesn’t feel like that big of a change. In fact, I’d appreciate more of the Island Smoothie Mediterranean items being included on the menu.

    I’m more saddened by the sudden demise of Yorktown Deli. It lost a lot of its appeal when the old owners left.

  • My coworkers and I have been going to The Health Fountain for years. When I heard the owner retired, I was sad for the loss of the awesome healthy enchiladas on Wednesdays.
    After reading Bama Luke’s post, I guess I’ll give them a try.

  • Do you know what else is insidious and impossible to resist? Snorting cocaine off the back of a stripper.

  • The Island Grill, which has taken over for The Health Fountain, inside the Trotter Family YMCA is still serving the old favorites like enchiladas, turkey chili, buffalo burgers, breakfast tacos, and more. Stop by and say hi to the new owners when you get hungry!

    -Trotter Family YMCA

  • Ummmm…the restaurant is still open, and the owner still works there! They still have enchiladas…now offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!!! They remodelled over Christmas, and they have always been closed for an extended period over the holidays! I was just there last Wednesday, and I work across the street!!

  • Derek:

    Next time you’re in there take a look above the menu. New owner (same as Island Grill on Woodway) and slightly different menu.

  • Aw hey naw. I seen this place changed over. It is pretty good. Little high IMHO. YMMV, but 11 bucks with no drank for cafeteria style (not made to order) is a little high in my book.