Grand Central Park’s Way-Out Plan; East Houston Heats Up; The Exact Moment City Living Became Unaffordable

Comet Cleaners with Balloon, 2612 S. Shepherd Dr. at Westheimer Rd., Upper Kirby, Houston

Photo of Comet Cleaners, 2612 S. Shepherd Dr. at Westheimer: Allyn West


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  • Man, that HBJ article sure sounds familiar….

  • I’ve been to one of those ‘Colonias’ by McAllen, and ho-leeee-crap, it’s like Distict 9 in South Africa.

    It is a little bit their fault though, they speak no English even after living here for over 20 years, the kids don’t finish the FREE public schools, and even though everyone owns cars, they won’t pickup and move to a better place.

    The real tragedy is that they are allowed to vote and are the definition of low information voters.

  • While the development of new residential projects in Baytown is new and significant, there has been plenty of growth on the south and east sides of Houston in recent memory. Places like Pearland, League City, and Mont Belvieu have grown dramatically in recent years. It has been fairly easy to build on virgin land in these cities for cheaply. I think growth in towns like Baytown or Pasadena could signify a renewal for aging areas and would be an alternative to the more outward expansion we’ve seen in the south and east sides of town.

  • “The real tragedy is that they are allowed to vote and are the definition of low information voters.”
    I think you mean Fox News viewers, not colonia residents. . .

  • I chuckle whenever someone says Houston’s not affordable. I can give any number of reasons why that’s not true – most recently I had some relatives from Calgary remark “wow, we could move to Houston and get more house for half the money!” CALGARY! I kid you not.
    The real issue is that rents in the cool, hip neighborhoods of Houston have skyrocketed, and millenials for the most part refuse to even consider living somewhere that’s not cool or hip. So they spend huge portions of their paychecks (half, 70%) and they whine about how Houston’s not affordable any more. Ergo the Bloomberg data.

  • Screw clean drinking water, proper sanitation and solid infrastructure! I need to make sure that the Colonias cesspools are safe for starving transgenders. To the Towncars team!!!!

  • It is a tragedy they are allowed to vote. You see, its not common sense to support the 15th, 19th, 24th, and 26th Amendments to the U.S. constitution. When President Ulysisis S. Grant supported the 15th amendent (Liberal!), he should have said:

    Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude, (but only if you speak english! and are a ‘high information voter’ who votes for the party of my choosing, like me).

    Section 2. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation

  • Well said. ZAW. I have never seen such entitlement. They expect that if they want it, they should be able to have it.

  • lol @ the “kids these days” comments. I swear the only thing more reliable than a young adult making a bad decision is an older adult opining about how they never would have done that back in their own youth.
    Obligatory/relevant True Detective clip: