Grand Parkway Homes by Lennar

Lakes of Avalon Village Subdivision, Spring, Texas

Some brand-new houses sold by Lennar Homes will be very convenient to the new Grand Parkway!

Robert A. Hudson, a Spring developer who partnered with Lennar on the project, said builders knew the highway might come through the subdivision.

“We are not up there on a daily basis to make sure that the builders make it clear to everybody else,” he said.

Plans for the Grand Parkway have been on the books for 25 years, but only 28 of its proposed 185 miles have been built. Environmental and neighborhood groups have opposed the project.

It would include 11 segments traversing seven counties. The 12.1-mile Segment F2 would cut directly through the Lakes of Avalon Village, a subdivision with several hundred homes located on FM 2920 just west of Kuykendahl Road.

About 60 homes are in the right-of-way and would have to be demolished to make way for the parkway once construction began, [executive director of the Grand Parkway Association David] Gornet said.

Talk about offering transportation options! But it’s not just Lennar . . . J. Patrick Homes also is selling models in the Lakes of Avalon Village subdivision.

But hurry! The subdivision is in “close out”!

After the jump: pics of a Lennar Homes model for sale in this quaint little village in Spring!


7131 Avalon Aqua Way, Lakes of Avalon Village, Spring, Texas

The listing for this Lennar Homes Concord model at 7131 Avalon Aqua Way mentions the following amenities:


. . . but there’s so much more!

7131 Avalon Aqua Way, Lakes of Avalon Village, Spring, Texas

Is this home directly in the path of the Grand Parkway? That’s hard to say. . . . You’d have to match up a map of the Grand Parkway’s Segment F-2 (PDF) with a map of the subdivision. Which is a little hard to do precisely, since the Lakes of Avalon Village is so new that its streets don’t appear even in online maps. Aerial views show empty fields.

But there’s no need to worry about it.

Back Porch, 7131 Avalon Aqua Way, Lakes of Avalon Village, Spring, Texas

The home is faced with stone in front and brick all the rest of the way around. Great sound insulation . . . and not so easy to demo!

Back Yard, 7131 Avalon Aqua Way, Lakes of Avalon Village, Spring, Texas

A privacy fence allows you to enjoy peace and quiet in this lovely backyard.

Bathroom, 7131 Avalon Aqua Way, Lakes of Avalon Village, Spring, Texas

Just imagine you can hear the soothing sounds of rushing water as you soak in this relaxing whirlpool tub.

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  • PURE INSANITY in SPRING, TEXAS… A co-worker friend of my just got notice her less than a year old home is to be demolished in Lakes of Avalon by the GrandParkway & TXDOT. She called to protest for them to move the right of way, and was told they cannot bulldoze the many acres of adjacent vacant land because it’s a natural wetland. Frogs, bugs, plants, and water have more land access rights than the homeowners in Texas !!!! My own home in a nearby Forest North neighborhood will have this GrandParkway about 75 yards from my front door. I don’t want it either. Several homes in nearby Mossy Oaks are rumored to be on the bull doze list too.