Grand Texas Theme Park Gets Its Texas Land

GRAND TEXAS THEME PARK GETS ITS TEXAS LAND Developer Monty Galland has teamed with investors that include a former AstroWorld manager to close, at last, on 600 acres in Montgomery County for the proposed Texas-themed Grand Texas Theme Park. In April, Galland told Click2Houston that he would close on the property in May. But the 3-month delay seems to have allowed time for the development to develop thematically beyond tractor rides and simulated shootouts: Prime Property’s Erin Mulvaney reports that there will be the previously unmentioned Big Rivers Water Park here too. The parks will be carved out of the heavily wooded acreage between U.S. 59 and Hwy. 242, near the proposed EarthQuest dino-resort. But the proximity doesn’t seem to present a conflict in the mind of East Montgomery County improvement prez Frank McCrady, reports Mulvaney: “He compared the two parks to Knott’s Berry Farm and Disney Land in California. In this scenario, Earth Quest would be Disney Land, and Grand Texas is Knott’s Berry.” [Prime Property; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Grand Texas

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  • Why is this insanity continuing?

  • Better comparison would have been Shangri La and Atlantis.

  • Lemme guess; the gigantic pool will be shaped like a cattle trough.

  • This place will draw all the folks that have never been to a theme park before. Should make for fairly straight-forward mockery. I keep getting reminded of Adrenaland from the Fairly Odd Parents. WHY?!

  • Houston is on its way to becoming the next Branson, Mo. And no, I don’t mean that as a compliment. Ugh.

  • Sounds stupid. I’d rather have the trees.

  • Mark my words and remember where you heard it first – Monty Galland is going to be a billionaire.

  • In my mind, both Monty and Tillman are betting on the eventual approval of casinos in Texas. That possibility could not be ignored (defeated) by the good folks of Montgomery and Galveston Counties. Not if…when.

  • This sounds stupid.

  • We have all that land where AstroWorld and WaterWorld were. So let’s chop down what’s left of the forest in…wait for it…New Caney instead!

    These aren’t “Grand” ideas…they are lazy and convenient for those who are funding them.

  • Stop making sense, Paul!

  • I agree on that billionaire part. 59/69 will eventually be continuous from Mexico to just outside of Detroit. iah isn’t too far south either. I think both will be successful. astroworld was successful even when it was closed. six flags management was just dumb. the location of both those parks will make them more appealing than the flat treeless prairie that astroworld use to be on.

  • The largest Tourist Attraction in Houston North of i-10 is Traders Village. Houstonians flock to Kemah and Galveston to ride 4 rides. They also go to Dallas and San Antonio. The demographics for this are too good. I bet Home Run.

  • I just checked to see how much land Astroworld was on. Between 57-75 acres, making this 8+ times the size. Furthermore, there weren’t any trees in sight. I think this will be a huge success. Getting to New Caney only takes about 30-45 minutes. Bring it on! Houston needs this. Now, where is the gambling so all of that money doesn’t go to Louisiana and OK?

  • loves swamplot, that just goes to show how wasteful they are being. We had 2 Six Flags amusement parks right off 610. Why on Earth do we “need” 8+ times more land from a pristine area?

  • Why do people act like the world is our facility?