Green Fee Doubled at Quail Valley Golf Club

The price Missouri City is paying to purchase the former Quail Valley Country Club from golf-course speculator Mark Voltmann’s Renaissance Golf Group was adjusted from $3.1 million up to $7.4 million last week — 2 years after the city acquired the 390-acre property by eminent domain, and one day before a dispute over the price was set to go to trial. Renaissance claimed the property was worth about $14 million, but at the time of the sale it was listed for $6.59 million by the appraisal district.

Renaissance’s plans to rezone a 17.5-acre portion of the site to allow for a development of 54 Ryland Homes homesites were rejected by the city’s planning and zoning commission in 2006.


Two 18-hole courses are open for business at the club, but Missouri City has plans for an unused 9-hole course on the property:

The 150-acre area is being turned into a traditional park with hike and bike trails, as well as canoeing and kayaking. Funds to create the passive park were also included in [a] 2008 bond election.

A nine-hole par-three course no longer in use is someday expected to be utilized as a First Tee program for at-risk young people.

Photo: Quail Valley Golf Course

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  • The City will never be able to operate this course at anything but a loss because they won’t be able to raise the green fees high enough and still have people play on the public course.

    It was ridiculous that the City only paid 1/2 of the appraised value that was on their tax rolls to begin with.

  • The homeowners who bought along the “greenway” probably could care less whether it makes a profit or not and probably would pay an assessment if need be to keep developers from developing it. As would a lot of homeowners who aren’t on the “greenway” but still enjoy the “natural setting” it affords all of Quail Valley.

    Turning it public instead of keeping it private of course will help with the matter of the additional taxes that will be assessed on everyone.

    We have Memorial Park. They have what I guess will be known as Quail Valley Park.

    Now everyone can enjoy the water moccasins and the occasional errant rattlesnake!