Greenspoint Apartment Takeover

GREENSPOINT APARTMENT TAKEOVER A Houston firm that took over management of 3 foreclosed Greenspoint-area apartment complexes last month says it’s working with the HPD to open a police substation in one of them. Kaplan Management Co. VP Michelle Rhone tells reporter Jennifer Duell Popovec that the complexes — City View Place Apartments, Cambridge at City View, and Springfield at City View — became “a haven for criminals” during the 5 years the properties were owned by New York’s GFI Capital. The substation would be located at City View Place, at 16818 City View Place, east of Greenspoint Mall next to Greens Bayou. “Moreover, the company has created a plan to establish a number of civic programs to serve the City Place assets including a wellness clinic, tutoring from Houston Independent School District, vocational training and YMCA swimming lessons. Additionally, Kaplan will work with CW Capital to address deferred maintenance issues, Rhone says. The lender has already invested $100,000 to address immediate maintenance needs at the properties, she adds.” [Globe St.]

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  • They should put a police substation in EVERY apartment complex. And one at Hazard and Richmond.

  • From miss_msry:

    They should put a police substation in EVERY apartment complex. And one at Hazard and Richmond.


    One wonders what is at Hazard and Richmond. Is it an apartment complex, a motel, a shelter, a furnished crack house? What, what? Number 3 on the cops own “tear it down list” in Montrose. Number 1 and Number 2 are on West Alabama.

    As for City View, well, you know it’s the same old, same old. I doubt the cop shop will make much difference.

  • Matt, the corner of Richond and Hazard has a pizza joint of dubious provenance, a C-store even more dubious and a CricKet, with green slime oozing from their pipes. All are surrounded by vagrants in various stages of undress and drug intoxication. To round it out a former Skylane apartment is on the opposite corner.

    Lawbreaking ensues.

  • Matt, can you link the tear it down list????

  • From miss_msry:

    All are surrounded by vagrants in various stages of undress and drug intoxication. To round it out a former Skylane apartment is on the opposite corner.

    Former? The “owners” probably change as often as the residents. By any other name, well, Skylane is Skylane.

    Neighborhod Protection keeps a list but I forget what it’s called. It’s based on the number of NP calls and HPD calls. If I recall correctly, the city attorney’s office has it as well. I suppose in case it decides to sue. But of course it prefers the HOAs file the lawsuits. The Westbury HOA in fact did that years ago. And set a good example but also set a bad precedence.

  • Other than a change a few years ago, the Skylane apartments were owned by the same person for years and years. Definitely a successful business venture for him. Can’t say I approved of all his methods.

  • i live in the city view place apt and know for a fact that 1000,000 was not used there ,the crimes are constant from drug dealing to smoking ,cars are being stolen every other day,the air units are no good ,i been virbaly complaining and have submitted complaints in written and still a month and some days later it remains 75 80 to 90 degress in my apt i do not owe rent i’ve current on rent sence the my family and i moved in,we’ve accually walked out into the parking lot into crimes being committed and couldn’t beleive our eye’s each time we’ve called an officer and one time we calling to report a guy breaking into a truck on the way onto the main street while on the phone dispatch and stopped police on the side of the road trying to help keep a truck from being stolen,how ever when you go into the front office and exspress these things to management they look at you though your lying,and no one else is complaining of these things they act though their surprized,they have a very aregant staff ,all they care about is rent ,a young lady that lived in my section,first had her car broken into and the radio stolen then they broke into it again and stole other parts until recently her intire car was stolen and they showed no concern ,she told them the same thing i’m telling them know to release her from the lease they refused her,so she said she’s just moving to make matters worst for her they continued to evictions on her door until she was gone,and dont leave out harrased the crap out of her,the manager and her team treat you as though you should be glad they let us live here in the first place at all times you have to kiss their butts even though your paying rent on time every month and thats a fact i’m a living testimony of this treatment and i pay my rent and the sub metered water ,gas and lately they’ve added trash without notifying me of that i’m still under a lease agreemnt whats the deal with that,how every i have gone as far as to e-mail their corperate office on6/16/2011 in the middle of the night as soonas i found the sitefor Kaplan management,a young lady called my ceil phone the following day and told me she was the area manager over the managers of their properties and theat she would resolve thi e issues with air unit (not)maintanance came worked like a dog i’ll give this perticulor guy that and yet the temperture in my apt as of right know is 85 degress this morning i woke up and now my husband had became sick due to the heat,and called to let them know this unit still does not work and that my down stairs neighber left her music on loud and has left for the day again for the i don’t know 10 time since she’s been living here thats another story (norespect) any way well there’s nothing more we can do about the unit but we’ll knock on her door and haver turn it down,did i just say she’s left it that way again for 10 time,that goes to show you how much they listen to you so i calls the police and have them to come to tell the managment that they access apt becuz she is destarbing the peace,that doesn’t work so listen that for the rest of the morning,afternoon,and evening ,mind you did i say my husband works hard 5days week this his off day he’s became do to the temperture in our apt and you know what that must have felt like to him,so as you can tell thats the last straw again i write a letter of complaint ,and ask since the air problem can not be solved,just let us out of the lease in good stance and we’re gone by the 1st week of the month ,long and drawn out ,i ask them could on e of the rep’s sign for receipt of the complaint ,they both refused things began to get heat so they took a copy and placed in my files for corperate i was told by one of the rep’s,know i’m we’re stuck in the heat awaiting adult pretactive services for the disable to come ,and for Jessica the area manager to return the call she stated she make to decide rether are not she’d let us out of the lease are not,what is this world coming to!! i have a 14month old bby ,and asmetic 18 yr old and i’m disable my self and the med’s i take perhibit me to be in such temperture please pray for my family and i,thanks for allowing me to vent.the dixon’s 6/19/2011(happy father’s day to all the dads)