GreenStreet, Getting Going

GREENSTREET, GETTING GOING Just 4 short months after that party it threw for itself, GreenStreet might start becoming something more than a new name and a few signs, reports the Houston Business Journal. Though graffiti artists worked in June to enliven some of the former Houston Pavilions infamously inward-facing spaces with murals, it seems real construction — expected to last between 6 and 9 more months — will begin in a few weeks. The thrust of the renovations? Here’s Shaina Zucker: “Changes to the 568,294-square-foot property . . . include removing existing implements to the interior corridor while creating a new linear urban park.” [Art Attack; Houston Business Journal; previously on Swamplot] Rendering: GreenStreet

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  • The homeless send thanks for the renovations. That area near the Pierce El is so lacking.

  • You can dress up a beast, but in the end it’s still a beast–total waste of money –tear it down and build a residential tower with an HEB in the bottom

  • HEB has zero interest in doing anything that doesn’t involved controlling a large parking field, I promise you.

    (voice of choking to death retailer) …take out the shops…and…build dense…residential…(chokes to death, despite rent reduction shakedown from previous scam develoeper).

    By the way, I was in Denver and saw the 16th street pavilions mall this was patterned after…why? It was awful, awful.

  • Maybe they can bring back the 3 blocks of parking lots that sat there for 50 years and let cars sit on it all day for another 50 years. Yes. That was much more appealing than what’s there today or anything anyone might ever do to improve it or try to make an effort to get some retail options downtown.

  • “Linear urban park”, a.k.a. “strip of grass and flowers in the median.”

  • I agree with BITCH. I think this is a step in the right direction–albeit an awkward step, but one of many.

    It is odd that the shops have inward facing entrances. Perhaps the upcoming construction will address this. I know they’re not going to turn it inside out, but if I remember correctly the same person that designed the Brochstein Pavilion in Rice University is involved in the redesign. Which is nice.

    There are a lot of new things coming to downtown. There will surely be many new constructions with street-facing, ground level shops, etc. A variety of spaces is not a bad thing, I suppose.

    Anything is better than a surface parking lot.

  • Idiots!!!! Convert that place into residential condos or apartments. That’s what downtown needs to bring it to life.. bring residensts customers first and then retail will follow later … Get some freaking brains … BTW Green street sounds gettho.. That green concept is so 5 years old .. pendejos

  • This place is just Park Shops 2.0, except with no tunnel connection and no air conditioning. Is it any wonder that Books-a-Million, Journeys, Lidz, Yao’s, Polk Street Pub, Skybar, and whoever else ran off?