Grooming a Briarwest Condo in Full Flower, Now at $268K



Growing conditions favor landscaping (and geegaws) inside and outside a mews-facing condo in the 1973 Briarwest Townhomes development. Reddish hues are particularly abundant, whether in the decor’s high petal count or the brick exterior’s shutters. Updated a bit, the home is one of 194 2-story homes sharing the community’s 13 acres, with a pool, playground, and park (not a dog park, the homeowners association declares).

Ungated access is from Winrock Rd., located east of Voss Rd. and north of  Westheimer Rd. Over the weekend, this home’s asking price trimmed again, this time to $268K, following a month at $275K. In its November 2014 initial listing, pricing got started at $285K.



Gleaming hardwood flooring takes a diagonal tack and runs beneath the glass-bricked divider that backs the west-facing front entry (above). A living room in full bloom . . .


bounces light from its picture window through a set of glass panel doors at the far end of the room:


They lead to the dining room, which has no window:


Its rugged tile floors and glassy far end . . .


also finish out the adjacent kitchen. Both rooms open . . .


into a brick-paved patio shaded by overhead lattice (also pictured at the top of this story). The 2-car garage shores up one end. Its 2 bays access a shared driveway running behind a section of homes located near the middle of the community.


The powder room sticks with faux foliage:


All 3 bedrooms are upstairs, where dusty pink cabbage roses have made the climb into the master suite at the park-view front of the home:




One of 2 secondary bedrooms make an appearance in the listing, which says both measure 11 ft. by 15 ft.:


There’s also another full bathroom upstairs . . .


One section of the community wraps around this park space:


And there’s a pool. The community has a $365 monthly maintenance fee and 36 pages of guidelines that cover everything from pets and guest behavior to renovating, leasing, and selling the unit. Among the rules: a 15 mph limit, no boat storage and suits (no street clothes) in the pool. Maybe keep that dress code in mind at the open house Saturday afternoon.



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  • So $268K + a $365/mo maintenance fee converts to what? $340K or so?

  • Muahahaha, fall my pretties (prices), fall like the Icarus from getting too close to the sun!!!
    On a serious note, we already adjusted our business model where we hope the prices will fall substantially in several sectors in the next two years and we’ll be able to pickup and hold some properties. Inevitably oil prices will jump back up and so will property prices but lessons from the 80’s and 2008 show that the most money made by cash rich investors is from buying up super distressed properties at the bottom of the crash and being able to sit on them for at least 5 years.

  • There are hundreds of these types of townshomes all over west Houston, and many are being replaced. I look at these developments on Street View a lot. I’ve always liked the style, but the interiors are way, way outdated due to their age. If the prices were to go low enough, I would consider picking up one of these and updating the interior. The community itself is nice.

  • Someone didn’t put much effort into their ceiling roller-painting over what looks to have been a big water stain, hope more care was put into the leak repair

  • whew…garden style complexes..yuck…just goes to show Houston has had some lame developers with no sense of style or imagination for a loooooooooong time

  • I lived in the Briargrove Apts. just off of San Felipe about 20 years ago and always liked these townhomes. It was a nice peaceful area considering its location (Caligula XXI and Treasures — I think this was the other strip club– are really close by on Westheimer).

  • We live right by there, on Marilee Lane, which we love and own a condo. This whole area and location is hot, being close to just about everything. Lots going on in terms of new eateries, from Bramble and The Del opening this Spring and the new HEB and Whole Foods down the street.