Groundbreaking Machinery Spotted in Levy Park’s Side Yard

The southeast corner of Richmond and Eastside is seeing some vehicle traffic for the first time since a 3-story office building and parking lot were demolished on it in 2016. Personnel from Van & Sons Drilling Service hit the vacant spot on Monday, taking care to protect the grass by sliding some wooden boards underneath their truck, pictured above. The just-under-an-acre property is the only patch of greenery present at the intersection; the rest is all ’60s-era office space.

Behind the corner parcel lies Levy Park. It’s bounded by a private street that runs past the vacant field, as well as the adjacent Primrose School of Upper Kirby and Kirby Grove office building. You can see the 16-story office towering over the school in the photo below, looking east:


Photos: Swamplox inbox

Richmond and Eastside

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  • I’m sure they weren’t protecting the grass, just trying not to sink. Looks like something tall going up there, if they need a full sized drill rig to get their geotech samples.