Group Photo Weekend: A Bellaire and Bissonnet Story

More great photos have come in for our next group photo feature. Earlier this week we extended the deadline until next Thursday at midnight. There’s still room for your contributions!

Whatcha doing this weekend? If your plans include a camera or a cameraphone, we hope you’ll stop by the corner of Bellaire Blvd. and Bissonnet St. Take photos of anything you want — as long as it’s within 500 ft. of the intersection. Then upload your photos to the Swamplot Flickr pool, and tag each of them “Bellaire and Bissonnet” (with the quotation marks). (Also, please make sure the galleries feature isn’t disabled on your account.)

We’ll select the photos that together best represent that little neck of the woods for next Friday’s feature, and we’ll include all the submitted photos in a slideshow. It’s a fun way to look around Houston, corner by corner. Wanna give it a try?