Growing Up with McDonald’s

GROWING UP WITH MCDONALD’S If it seems like there’s a McDonald’s on every corner in Texas, it’s because the hamburger giant keeps building 40 to 50 new pad sites a year, says the company’s regional real estate manager. Reporter Catie Dixon explains: “The company isn’t increasing its density; it’s just trying to keep up with Texas’ rapid population growth.” [Real Estate Bisnow] Photo of McDonald’s at 1421 Nasa Rd.: Hua Bao

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  • Terrific, more garbage to feed poorly-educated people. Die in a fire, McD’s.

  • I do not even know the last time I went to McDonalds. The place is a scam for uneducated people to buy cheap ‘food’.

  • Google Image Search: fast food doesn’t rot – and behold the magic of processed McDonald’s food

  • McDonald’s is a real estate company that happens to sell burgers.

  • Many people don’t realize that the food McDonald’s sells is actually the same quality you’ll at the finest restaurants.

    The “food doesn’t rot” website was debunked. Pretty much any food will maintain it’s cooked appearance if the conditions are right. In Houston where high humidity exist, not likely. In dry climate, it’s a different story. In dry climates I’ve left a bag of tortilla chips open for a month and they were still good.

    Is McDonald’s food healthy, that’s another question. That’s up to your own choices. The publicize all of the nutrition information. No one has to eat McDonald’s, just a lot of people choose it.

  • Whatever anyone says, those french fries are amazing. So is the sweet tea.

  • Not being Starbucks folks, McD’s is our go to stop for coffee on our road trips.

    Their coffee is consistent and almost always fresh.

  • I live in one of the few areas in Houston where I still have a 15+ minute drive to a McDonald’s! That has to be a long distance record for the Houston area when you’re taking McDonald’s!

  • “Many people don’t realize that the food McDonald’s sells is actually the same quality you’ll at the finest restaurants.”

    No. It is not.

  • heyzeus,

    Do a little actually research (not reading anti-McD’s websites) and you could learn something.

    A big story a while back was McD’s was getting beef from Argentina versus the US. The reason was not because it was cheaper. The Argentinian beef was of higher quality than the US. US beef is primarily grain fed where all Argentinian beef is grass fed. McD’s US beef suppliers couldn’t meet McD’s higher standards.

    CNBC actually had a good documentary on McD’s that covered both sides fairly well beyond the multitudes of other information out there.

    Ultimately, there is a difference between quality and health. High quality food does not equal healthy, but the same can be said for even the finest eating establishments.

  • Have you ever eaten McDonalds’ food? It’s about 90% corn syrup. How long has that Argentinian beef been frozen? How many antibiotics and growth hormone were those cattle forcefed? How delicious is that corn syrup enriched whitebread bun? Chicken McNuggets sure are the same high quality chicken you’d pay top dollar for at a fancy restaurant, assuming the fancy restaurant purchases tons of leftover connective tissue and processes it with other fillers before deep frying it.

    Same stuff you’d find at De Marco.

  • KJB, do you work for McDs?

  • No, just actually did a little research when all the buzz popped up and crazy claims made a little news out there. As usual, there really wasn’t much there and a majority of it was overreaction and hype. Same can be said for Walmart and oil company criticisms.

    It really comes down to if you don’t want to eat there, then don’t. Wasting your time running around screaming how horrible these places are does nothing productive to the public discourse. It’s generally immature and childish how people react.

  • McDonald’s, do Texas a favor and stop trying to keep up. We don’t want you to.