Gulf Slick Would Cover Houston’s Oily Parts Quite Nicely, Thank You

Playing around with a super-fun online tool that lets you superimpose the blobbish outline of the 2500-sq.-mile (and growing!) Gulf of Mexico oil slick from the Deepwater Horizon offshore-rig disaster onto various cities, Houstonist editor Marc Brubaker tries it on Houston — for size.

“It’s almost creepy how the slick follows I-10 out to Beaumont,” he comments. Of course, Brubaker should have nudged the oily blob a bit more to the east. Sure, he might have lost a few of those shiny exploration-company offices that have fled to the western stretches of Katy that way, but you’d be picking up lots of fun storage tanks and chug-chugging industrial plants at the northern reaches of Galveston Bay, and you’d get better coverage of Texas City, too.

Oh — but the outline is only up to date as of May 6th? Maybe we’ve got full coverage by now, then!

Image: Houstonist

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  • Thanks for the nod, folks. Also, it’s a bit hard to drop the overlay in a more precise spot – you can’t just drag it around the map.