Midway: H-E-B-Footed Midrise on Washington Ave. Will Be in ‘Buffalo Heights’

Rendering of Buffalo Heights Mixed Use Phase I, at Washington Ave. at Waugh Dr.

H-E-B preliminary plans for Washington Ave. at Heights Blvd.The complex containing Midway’s planned H-E-B-and-midrise at the southeast corner of Heights Blvd. and Washington Ave. won’t be named Northbank Buffalo Bayou after all, Nancy Sarnoff reports this week — it’ll be called Buffalo Heights. Above is Ziegler Cooper’s rendering of the proposed structure, which would take up the northwest corner of the old Archstone Memorial Heights apartments property (which was bought in 2014 by the current owners). That development previously gave its moniker to the surrounding neighborhood; it remains to be seen if this latest rebranding attempt will stick.

The new midrise would sit about half a mile south of the official southernmost edge of the Houston Heights (as drawn for voting in last month’s local-option Heights moistening election), and about half a mile north of Buffalo Bayou (though only a quarter mile from the Buffalo Wild Wings a few blocks west down Washington Ave). The new design shows off 5 stories of apartments (tallying up as 232 units) on top of the 2-story H-E-B, with about 37,000 sq. ft. of office space and a couple of other retail spots in the mix.


The 4-story Memorial Heights Villages complex, which went up on the southwest corner of the Archstone property before Midway purchased the land, can be spotted in the rendering to the right (looking south down Heights towards its trasition to Waugh Dr.). Midway is aiming to start construction on the new midrise some time next year, meaning the next block of apartments will need to be out of the way by then.

Images: Ziegler Cooper

First of Its Name in Memorial Heights

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