H-E-B’s Quick Buffalo Grille Breakfast

From reader Josh Burdick come these graphic images from this morning’s speedy takedown of the Buffalo Grille — the last remaining portion of the shopping center that stood at the corner of Bissonnet and Buffalo Speedway before the H-E-B Buffalo Market took it over. Can H-E-B chew up this breakfast spot and spit out a few more parking spots for grocery shoppers fast enough? A bit more of Burdick’s bite-by-bite coverage:


Photos: Josh Burdick

4 Comment

  • Damn! They sure didn’t waste any time.

  • BG must not have brought in much rent if a couple dozen more spots at the very back of the lot are more valuable to HEB.

    I noticed today that they’d moved the bike rack since the last time I’d been there. It used to be under the front awning; now it’s bigger and at the front of the lot. At least they’re not only expanding the car spots.

  • Their problem isn’t with parking, it’s the fact the store itself is too small. You can’t get a shopping cart down the aisles. Went once, never again.

  • Actually the BG had been planning this move for awhile, the new location is going to do fine. Way too crowded around that HEB!