Hanover Knocking Over Village Apartments To Build More Village Apartments

Once the scrap pile is cleared, Hanover will begin building a 12-story residential tower on this site near Rice Village. The demolition started yesterday to get rid of the aging Village Apartments facing Tangley and the Garden Gate facing Morningside; these properties share the block bound as well by Dunstan and Kelvin with the Village Commons restaurants. And that might be why — unlike its shorter predecessor on the other side of Dunstan, which you can see looming in the background in the photo above — this proposed tower isn’t planned to have any street-level retail. A notice sent earlier this year to Southampton residents suggests that it will have about 200 units.


Above: The view of the demo from Tangley St. The Garden Gate is visible at left.

Below: The view from Dunstan.

Photos: Allyn West

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  • Street level retail? That’s the kind of thing they have in New York! Fuck New York!

  • This should be an upgrade from the badly maturing former property –there goes more affordable housing in the Loop

  • Awww! My first apartment, in college. Another cheap student housing alternative bites the dust.

  • When you’re making half a million a month on rents, why mess with retail?

  • @Shannon,

    As the inventory of new high end multifamily continues to stack up, won’t other older multifamily developments be forced back into the role of “affordable housing in the Loop”?

  • swamp lot? yep, one we tamed……and it hasn’t sank in 3,000 years, so guess what, it isn’t going to…..so get over yourself and start slamming some of these stupid developers, horrible Realtors……basically, run the trash out of town and shed the light on the many scam artists, because you strike me as a person who wants the city to return to what it was when my family helped build it……one filled with respect for all who work hard, live in peace and spread joy to the community through the many aspects of their full lives……..

  • Our ELECTED mayor & her cabal @ City Hall DO NOT give a crap (NO matter what they say-they’re 2 faced politicians and total HYPOCRITES)about quality of live issues that effect the majority of the TAX paying VOTING citizens. If a developer tried to build a similar tower that would loom over Kathy & Annise’s 1907 mansion in the Westmoreland addition,she’d go ballistic and and a fit,through the City Legal Department,of course. The owner of 3618 Burlington has a very tall billboard that sort of LOOMS over Kathy& Annise’s backyard.The best thing about it is: it’s grandfathered in and the owner is a lawyer. She met her match. If I was Annise & Kathy I would have planted fast growing trees the first week I owned the house.Now,after 6 years later, they’d have some greenery to partially block out the LOOMING billboard. But hey, I guess they like a low maintenance ,minimally landscaped backyard.So they have to deal with it.They’re in the city afterall.Gotta get along with your neighbors,ladies. But they live in a tightly deed restricted neighborhood t hat would have a cow if a developer even thought of building a 12 story structure like the one Hanover is building in the Village.

  • Patrick: They bought in a deed restricted area that won’t allow that. The people that bought in the area where this is being built did not.
    I fail to see the issue or the source of anger?

  • typo: quality of LIFE issues…