Harold Farb’s Final Development Site Back Up for Sale, Down Another Half Million

3482 Inwood Dr., River Oaks, Houston, 77019

Demolition, 3482 Inwood Dr., River Oaks

A more permanent fence has taken over for the one previously wrapped around the lot at 3482 Inwood Dr., where possibly-murdered apartment tycoon and singer Harold Farb was midway through building a house for himself and his wife at the time of his death in 2006. The property initially hit the market partial-house-and-all, with the expectation that future buyers could finish up the construction of a 17,404-sq.-ft. estate overlooking the River Oaks Country Club’s golf course. After a steady price decay from $14.75 million to about $10 million by mid-2010, tactics changed; the property got a demo permit and a subsequent smoothing over, and was relisted in October of 2012 (and again in December of 2014, then to the tune of just under $9 million).

The fully re-undeveloped land hit the market again last Thursday, now for $8.5 million, Here’s the current view of the front gate, and what’s inside it:


3482 Inwood Dr., River Oaks, Houston, 77019

3482 Inwood Dr., River Oaks, Houston, 77019

Photos: HAR (current), Swamplot inbox (construction fencing in 2011)

Green in River Oaks

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  • I think I’ll buy it to hold and build my retirement home on later. Of course I’d have to put it in a name of a religious organization, namely The Church of Flying Soaghetti Monster and hold occasional meatball volleyball church events, property taxes are for suckers who have to justify their beliefs.

  • Diane Lokey Farb off loaded this property : her pricing was too optimistic. And if you read the statement her attorney released after Harolds four children accused her of murder, she never said she didn’t have anything to do with his death. So who knows? She wanted his $$$$$. His children(from his marriage to the FIRST Mrs. Farb DO NOT like her one bit).

  • commonsense: I’m sure you have sincerely held beliefs in a flying spaghetti monster.
    You should stop worrying what other people believe in so much. You’ll live a happier life. I mean, if that’s your goal.

  • @Cody, I worry about what other people believe in when it trespasses in the realms property taxation. Doesn’t it seem strange that all you have to do is believe in any loony thing you can choose or make up on the spot and you don’t have to pay property taxes? Does it seem fair that I’m paying top dollar for my personal house in taxes and the church around the corner is sitting on 10 acres of prime Piney Point real estate and pays nothing? That’s 10 acres at $1.5 mil per acre in current market rates, not including the structure. That’s half a million dollar a year subsidy to a private organization that exists solely to collect money every week.

    Don’t knock, the Flying Spaghetti Monster … On the seventh day of floating around infinite nothingness, after six days of rest, the FSM said, ‘Let there be a Universe, or something!’ And there was a Universe, or something not terribly far off. And the FSM saw that it was pretty damn good, especially the bits with a light sauce.

  • Common, I feel that I have no control over my own destiny and desperately need to genuflect before the alter of Flying Spaghetti Monster. Think you can set something up quickly?