Harris County Commissioners Decide Astrodome Convention Center Plan Needs To Be Studied Before Decisions Are Made

What’s another few weeks when we’ve been waiting this long? As some likely expected, the Harris County Commissioners Court decided today that it wasn’t quite ready to decide on the proposal the Sports and Convention Corporation recommended last week to convert the Astrodome into a 355,000-sq.-ft. convention space. According to the Chronicle’s Houston Politics blog and KHOU, the $194 million plan will be passed along to the county’s budget office, attorney, and infrastructure department for further review. (You can download and read a version of the plan here. Of course there’s no rush.) Judge Ed Emmett says that he expects to hear back in about a month.

Rendering: HCSCC

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  • Here we go again… Back into the never ending loop

  • Ugh, just make a decision–you’d think this was the Medici deciding the fate of the Florence Duomo –all these meetings for political cover–they must really think us fools

  • More of the same.

  • Don’t think for a minute that the Commissioners haven’t already made up their minds. All this “study” is just window dressing. They never send anything out for “study” without being sure of the outcome. What will come back are reports and figures that will validate their decision, and that they will use to suggest to the voters that this is a great idea – take it or leave it – if you don’t approve it, we’ll just have to tear it down.