Harris County Opts To Schedule Flood Bond Vote for Harvey’s Anniversary

HARRIS COUNTY OPTS TO SCHEDULE FLOOD BOND VOTE FOR HARVEY’S ANNIVERSARY The Harris County Commissioners Court voted this morning to move forward with scheduling a multi-billion-dollar flood control bond referendum — to fund property buyouts, bayou widening, and other mitigation efforts — for August 25. “Why August 25?” Judge Ed Emmett asked the room — which included the Chronicle’s Mihir Zaveri — “It’s the 1-year anniversary of Harvey. It’s got a certain sex appeal to it.” Commissioner Rodney Ellis at first opposed the commemorative date, fearing voter turnout could be weak during the summer. “If it is one shot that we have, I just want to make sure we get it right,” he said. (If the referendum fails, the earliest the court could hold another one would be in May 2019.) He argued instead for a date during November’s mid-term elections but changed his mind “for the sake of unity” after an appeal from fellow Commissioner Steve Radack — putting a unanimous finishing touch on the back-and-forth. What’s now needed in order to get it on the calendar? Governor Greg Abbott’s sign-off, followed by a vote from Harris County making the date official. [Houston Chronicle; more] Photo of Buffalo Bayou flooded by Hurricane Harvey: Adam Brackman

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  • Prior to having a vote for bond funds, would it not be more prudent to determine where the expenditure of tax funds could be curtailed FIRST ?

  • This money is supoosed to go to flooding infrastructure. The proposal to lift the revenue cap being put up for vote in November spends nothing on infrastructure.

  • As far as I know, the revenue cap doesn’t apply to the County – the County can tax and spend as much as they like. The City has a revenue cap yet they still manage to waste it with the best of them.
    As far as Judge Emmett’s comment that this date was chosen for “sex appeal”, that’s a bunch of hogwash. Who would think a catastrophic natural disaster was “sexy”?

  • My worry is that we’ll have a vote for drainage infrastructure, but Ed will use it to beautify the Astrodome.

  • “It’s the 1-year anniversary of Harvey. It’s got a certain sex appeal to it.”

    – Ed Emmet, Sick Bastard if that’s what turns him on.

  • Agree with the comments before mine. The city has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. The city has proven incompetent in its abilities to manage its finances in a variety of areas. Case in point – Houston’s debt burden including its unfunded pension liabilities is third to only Chicago and Dallas. Mayor Turner did not solve the pension problems facing the city, regardless of what he claims. The taxpayers should be wary of giving them more funds to squander and/or use wildly inefficiently and ineffectively.

  • I am offended by Ed Emmett’s use of the term “sex appeal”. There is nothing sexy about bonds.

  • Mo’ money, Mo’ money, Mo’ money… Bwahahaha.

    Meanwhile in midtown/Montrose I just hit pot holes and road grooves SO BIG, I got to replace my oil pan and sway bar bushings in my F-150. Yes… my truck! Wtf

    I don’t know bout y’all, but I’m packing my bags.

  • @Citizen, while many of your complaints are valid, re-read the article, this is a Harris County Bond election, and does not direct money to the City of Houston.
    Should this pass, the project will be controlled by the County Commissioners.

  • @ ShadyHeightster
    I used to have more respect for the county administration in that they seemed to be responsible for prudent spending and (relatively) good planning. Of course, with the city of Houston around, the bar isn’t very high. I’d wager that HISD gives the City a run for “biggest waster of taxpayer money” in the area.
    But, I have a feeling that the Harris County overlords are slipping into a “why bother, it is just taxpayer money?” mentality since they see that HISD and the City can fritter away tons without any real trouble.
    There’s no real concrete plan on how much bond money will be asked for – and what we’ll do with it. A hundred million here, a hundred million there: it eventually adds up. So far, I’m voting “no” on any bond issue. So far.

  • I flood during harvey , I live in a house build in the 1960 that never flooded before , 4 feet of water for 11 days , even if you don’t flood in harvey , this city can not continue to attracted people to coming to the city ,living in the city ,when you can’t get from one side of Houston to the other for 10 days 2 weeks because of a storm. People and companies will stop coming to the city . Coming to the city this needs to be fixed now don’t delay do your job !!!

  • Same here, Wolfie …. until I know where and how the money will be spent this is a big fat NO

  • Jane, I’ll bet you have a massive headache this morning.