Harvey Bayou Cleanup Continues; Tout Suite Shutters in Memorial City Mall; Freedmen’s Town Bricks Replaced

Photo of Main St.: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re Tout Suite: The coffee was bad, the pastries stale and the service was slow and baffling. I can’t imagine how “local and family vibes” could overcome those fundamental flaws.

  • As someone who mall-walks occasionally at Memorial City, I am amazed at how long they stuck with it. The open tables invited any and all to squat – and they eventually put up a “Seating is for customers only, please” chalkboard to keep out non-patrons.
    But, I could tell that this boutique bakery in the middle of the mall may not find its groove among the mall goers. Your average mall patron isn’t into boutique bakeries with its boutique prices. The Marble Slab and Cinnabon are doing boffo business in contrast.

  • Tout Suite makes real coffee, which can be a bit off putting to suburbanites who are used to filling their 64 oz Yeti tumblers with Starbucks’ swill. But don’t worry outerloopers. You are safe now. You will no longer be perplexed by 12 oz lattes and expensive little French cookies that are NOT called macaroons.

  • The presidents left fallow reminds me of the scene / N64 level in Goldeneye. Man that was a great Bond flick and an even better video game.

  • tout suite, it was inevitable. sad to see they didn’t manage.

  • @Old School: Tout Suite made crap coffee. They burned all the flavor out of their beans when I visited. I roast and grind my own Ethiopian Harrar, so I know what good coffee tastes like.

  • I didn’t find Tout Suite coffee to be particularly good or bad, but after that snippy little Facebook kiss-off I’ll be sure to avoid their remaining location like the plague.

  • Re Tout Their coffee was bad and after the third time I just avoided them. My wife enjoys pastry-hoping around Houston, so she knows what’s up, she only went there twice and gave up. There is something wrong with your products and services when the lines to the Run-of-the-mill Franchise is longer than yours.
    The kiss off reminds me of the Lilo & Ella restaurant’s au revoir, where the Chef blamed the locals not having an adventurous taste buds. Maybe, just maybe, it is your products that got you in the hole. It’s business 101, customers buy what they want, not what you are selling.

  • Sorry for the failure on the statue park, though Hankins and Adickes have definitely created something – those photos are awesome!

  • @Grant: exactly

    @Old School: afraid of outer loopers, eh? Can’t say I blame you. Being able to relax in 4000 sq ft of luxury, enjoy a well manicured yard, and take a dip in a heated pool/spa any time tends to make us stronger. You’re stuck navigating busted sidewalks and cyclists. Enjoy your latte – we ain’t never heard of that out heah.

  • Lincoln has a giant hole in the back of his head. Appropriate.