Has the Mini Cooper Parked on the Wall on Kirby Been Towed Away?

Where’s Mini? A reader sends this photo of the burned rubber sticking to the stucco wall of design and furniture store Internum at 3303 Kirby Dr., where the 350-lb. promotional fiberglass shell of a Mini Cooper had been not-quite-parallel parked since December. And parked illegally — at first, anyway, garnering a red tag on December 27 from city inspectors to go with that red holiday garland wrapped around the Upper Kirby street lamps.

Photos: Lisa Garvin (Mini); Creative Accidents (wall)

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  • My guess is that while you can get a permit from the City to put a Mini Cooper on the side of your store, the folks at Mini Cooper do not have a similar procedure to use their intellectual property to promote your store.

  • Actually, oldschool, a friend of mine is a salesman at the Houston Mini dealership, and they worked with Internum on that installation. Wonder why it’s gone? Hope it didn’t fall off. :{

  • It drove away.

  • @Roadchick: dealerships are just franchisees of the manufacturer. Of course, I am still just guessing, except I am certain that a dealership would not have the authority to grant a business the use of Mini Cooper’s intellectual property.