Haven Is Open: Modern Texas Cuisine, Algerian Way

Opened yesterday across from the Taco Cabana drive-thru at 2502 Algerian Way, just north of the intersection of Kirby and 59: Randy Evans’s Haven. Evans, who last ran the kitchen at Brennan’s, teamed up with investors Debbie Jaramillo and Rhea Wheeler to produce a certified green restaurant, allowing fans of fine local food to dine on seasonal “farm-to-market” cuisine without having to visit either.

The 5,200-sq.-ft. restaurant was designed by Jim Herd, Geoffrey Brune, and Melanie Pereira of Collaborative Projects, who employed their own menu of environmentally conscious building strategies, including open ceilings, minimal finishes, and refurbished scratch-and-dent kitchen equipment. There’s a raised-bed chef’s garden on site, as well as a parking lot on a raised surface of concrete.


An early press release noted the restaurant would “go the extra mile” to bring diners “hard-to-find wines from around the world.” Most other items, however, are likely to be sourced locally; a specially designed filtration system will dispense still and sparkling water.

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  • I haven’t been down that way in a long time. Is this what took the place of the apartment building that was behind the Thai restaurant across from the Cabana?

  • It was raw land between the aquarium store and the apartments. (I sold it to them.)

  • I see that after looking at the picture a little more closely. I wondered how long that land would remain vacant. I still expect the apartments to go away at some point.

  • That apartment building has been completely refurbished (quite nicely) by Medusa Properties and is being rented.