Having Sex with Robots Inside Stores That Sell Them Is Now Illegal Across All of Harris County

HAVING SEX WITH ROBOTS INSIDE STORES THAT SELL THEM IS NOW ILLEGAL ACROSS ALL OF HARRIS COUNTY Piggybacking on Houston City Council’s own pioneering efforts to outlaw sex doll brothels within city limits, the county has now adopted similar legislation. On Tuesday, the Commissioners Court voted unanimously to “define sex dolls . . . as ‘anthropomorphic devices’ and prohibit companies from renting them out to customers,” reports the Chronicle’s Zach Despart. (Taking the dolls home remains legal.) The new rules take effect on January 1. [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Photo of 5615 Richmond, formerly planned to house a sex doll brothel

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  • The future is now.

  • Wow. If ever I had my doubts about the state of our representative democracy, the expeditious action of the Commisioner’s Court on this pressing matter threatening our fair metropolis surely has restored it.

  • Another case of potentially misplaced priorities, while new building permits in flood plains are still permitted. Consider the fate of taxpayers in the future who will be expected to fund the bailout. These leaders are not questioned about it. Sad.

  • Having sex with a doll…. Bad. Trans person teaching kids that trans is ok…. Good. Before people get mad at this comment, research the recent increase in trans identification in teenagers. This has led to hormone blockers being issued at a young age for kids just looking for acceptance and causing major issues down the line for these kids.

  • But people can still have relations with the dolls outside, right?

  • If this is what’s considered a priority amongst city hall & the county then well understand why Houston never fixes any long term structural issues.
    @MR. Clean – where are these classes taking place? behind Numbers? Sorry, but your comment exudes a lack of medical/clinical knowledge on what is a very unique situation for individuals to discuss appropriately.
    Don’t you have someone else’s freedom’s and rights to worry about taking away?

  • These religious leaders and people that fear technology are trying to hold the tide back with a broom. These sex robots, used as companions, could assist so many lonely people. It’s not just about sex, it’s mostly about loneliness, that’s what many of the men visiting these types of shops are suffering from and these sexbots, as they become more lifelike, can remedy their solitude. Why can’t they be happy too? Not everyone can find a partner, at least not a human one.

  • Joel, apparently it is YOU who is lacking knowledge: https://4thwavenow.com/2018/10/02/theres-a-sudden-surge-of-trans-students-coming-out-at-my-college-and-im-scared-to-talk-about-it/#comments

    And I was reading this article earlier today, before I saw your post. And its written by a FEMINIST, not some RWNJ !!!

  • Wow. The Commissioners sure circled the wagons on this issue. On every other issue, they take months/years to “study” / “table” the issue(s). The sex -phobic ,super uptight Harris County commissioners NEED to have sex with someone/something. They probably have sex with God knows who/what-that one time per year when they’re able to “perform”.

  • Not shocking as the Houston area is governed by a bunch of lunatic, superstitious, god fearing prudes.

  • I’m sad, I wanted to test drive the Cherry 2000 before I buy.

  • So, putting on my lawyering hat, it occurs to me that only ‘anthropomorphic’ dolls have been banned. I assume that the function of the, uh, interface* is not dependent on that particular condition. Send the design brief to Roppongi and you’ll have a legally compliant ‘doll’ that should really be out there.

    * Orifice? Sorry, I’m just spitballing on a Friday night. I happily admit to not being familiar with the relevant jargon.