Hazmat Hikers To Trek Across Houston

Invasion of the Art Snatchers: Carrie Schneider and Alex Tu, pictured above (though not in their everyday wear), are planning to reproduce the Art Guy Michael Galbreth’s “The Human Tour,” reports Houston Press‘s Meredith Deliso. As a UH student in 1987, Galbreth came up with the crosstown tour: a 40-mile, anatomically correct urban hike in the shape of a human figure.


The two artists, it appears, are updating things for this century. They’ve broken down Galbreth’s 40-miler into 10 segments, the first of which will commence on February 10. Originally, Galbreth cemented down 5 plaques to denote the figure’s head, hands, and feet; he also had maps of the tour printed for distribution for free at Central Public Library and the old DiverseWorks. In addition to the homemade hazmat suits, Schneider and Tu have run Galbreth’s map (shown below) through Google.

Photos: Hear our Houston (suits); The Great God Pan is Dead (map)

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