Headlines: 1111 Studewood Lofts Almost Done; Free Metro Rides Do the Trick

Photo of Uptown: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • It’s hard to believe it took 2 years to build a small lower mid rise loft. It looks like a brick pile, but I hsve mild confidence it will be a success, though on the website about the history of the Heights they have a historic image of..Hermann Park, last time I checked that was not in the Heights. It makes you wonder about the whole building if they can’t be bothered to double check whether a historic image is actually the neighborhood in which their building resides, at the very least it’s inexcusable oversight.

  • Does anyone know if any of the units are sold yet?

  • According to Sarnoff’s column, there are 4 units sold at 1111 Studewood, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. They may have put down a refundable deposit on a unit, but if they complete the sale is another story.

  • I drove past the other day, and realized what it was I was seeing. Not all that impressive and it doesn’t seem very close to completion (but maybe that’s just the way it’s designed).

  • There’s a fine line between being built like a brick shithouse and just looking like one. Brick Brutalist perhaps?
    They’re going for the semi-industrial/historic faux loft look and even the finishes are hardcore with concrete floors and exposed brick walls in some rooms. It’s a bit of an oddball but why not, the entire city is oddball.

  • Just browsed the 1111 Studewood website, the developer indicates that it will be Piatto Ristorante (Carrabbas) and another Los Cucos occupying the two restaurant spaces in the building. How exciting two large-scale chain restaurants, just what Heights residents have been waiting for…

    However, neither of these chain restaurants’ website makes any mention of these new locations.

  • Selling agent indicates that seven of the twenty units are still available. Prices between $480 and $520K. Also, I’d heard that the owners of 1111 Studewood were trying to purchase the carwash across the street. As of today, the carwash is closed. Anyone have a sense of the potential impact of all this on house-values in the immediate vicinity?

  • Nearly ran off the road today—was driving down Studewood and there was a valet parker out in front for the now open Piatto Restaurant and a sign next to it saying a “Los Cucos” will open soon.
    This has only been under construction for, what, 3 years or more?