Headlines: A Big New TV in Reliant Stadium; The River Oaks Mansion with the Biggest Pool in Houston

Photo of 3940 Inverness Dr.: HAR

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  • “The new video boards cost close to $16 million of taxpayer money to install, but Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said it was well worth the investment.”



  • Who did they interview to deem Heights one of the best neighborhoods? If they asked residents of Bellaire or the Woodlands, they surely would vote for their neighborhood being the best.

  • That pool is sick yo

  • Ed, time to lay off the crack. I happen to have a translator for what he said: “well worth the investment” should actually read “Made the good ol’ boys happy and willing to loosen their purse strings”

  • “Cost close to $16 million of taxpayer money..” WTF is this about? Details please! I am okay with public money going to such things under the right terms, but I need to know more, much more before I am really okay with it..

  • The government shouldn’t be involved with sports at all. The Texans are a for-profit enterprise, if they want a screen, they can buy it.

  • @#2 – We all know you are quite fond of new construction, and that you have what must be a terribly uncomfortable physical reaction to anything that isn’t.

    Undoubtedly your brethren and sistern are happy with their neighborhoods – as are those of us that live in the Heights and similar neighborhoods, often in quarters that were around for decades before we were born. News flash – the fact that tastes and priorities may differ is not a value judgment.

  • Can Ed Emmett and his band of ol’ boys be fired at some point here please

  • The only woodforest that I know of is the one off Uvalde near Wallisville road, you know, the one the huge bank chain is named after. I guess re-appropriating names of communities is okay?

  • To be fair, the HLSR will be using this every year along with any other events.

  • Gotta love an article that says The Heights is both “walkable” and “car dependent.” Which is it? Having plenty of paths to walk on doesn’t necessarily mean you have many places to go to do your daily business by foot.

  • It’s both, Derek. Better believe you are commuting to work from the Heights, but I can easily walk to a coffee shop, neighborhood park, many eateries, etc when need be.

  • @ Derek & Ian – With the new bike trails, commuting downtown by bicycle is now in the realm of reality…not necessarily practical for some, but possible. The distance has never really been a factor, but the traffic on the remaining few other choices for getting across the bayous and freeways sure was (at least for me).

  • Well, it’s nice to know that for the taxpayers’ bill for a big TV screen, the county could’ve bought a lunch at Jason’s deli for every person in the City of Houston.

  • Everyone is certainly entitled to their own taste when at home, but I nevertheless hope that my monitor was doing a poor job of rendering the palette at the gimongo RO house.

  • They could have added a $5 surcharge to every Texans ticket for 2013-14 and $2 for every Rodeo ticket and paid for the whole damn thing.

  • The $14.5 million house only has three bedrooms in 11K square feet of house — does that mean the rest of it is the 8 bathrooms and 4 half baths?

    A million-gallon pool would be what kind of water bill?

    Their current taxes are $98K with homeowners and over-65 expemptions on an HCAD valuation of $5 million, so what would taxes be for an under 65 if they end up selling it for $10-ish million?

  • Believe it or not, somewhere in there are the bones of a 1950’s flat-roofed modern house designed for the Fondren family by Eugene Werlin. It was used in the movie “The Thief Who Came To Dinner”.

  • Most people in the Heights walk in the street because of cars parked over the sidewalks.