Headlines: A Houston Hotel Boom; What To Do About All The Big Rig Crashes

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  • The Hen ordinance is a good idea, in theory. Who could be against fresh eggs, after all? And if I were a City Councilman, I would support it. — With two major conditions.
    First, A re-affirmation that Deed Restrictions govern. Whatever the City Ordinance says, if your neighborhood Deed Restrictions say ‘no poultry,’ then you can’t have one.
    Second, I’d attach to it a total, city-wide ban on roosters, with increased fines for keeping roosters, and immediate confiscations of roosters wherever they’re found. Hens are good for laying eggs, and they don’t make a ton of noise. Roosters are good for cockfights, and they wake everyone up – you don’t need them for your hens to lay eggs either.
    I think if you had these conditions in it, the revised hen ordinance would be a lot more palatable; it’s probably pass with flying colors.

  • Re: Columbia Tap Robbers Caught

    Guess I won’t have to use the pepper spray I mounted on my handlebars.

    They should lock up the parents with the kids.

  • I have 3 chickens (legal in my area). I think Hens for Houston should reduce the number of chickens allowed by their proposed ordinance from 8 to 4 or 6. Eight is a lot of chickens for a subdivision house.

    I have supported Hens for Houston with a donation, so please, people, no hate from H4H supporters.

  • Re: Colombia tap trail
    The organized gang of teenagers that violently attacked innocent people originated in Third Ward.
    Well, could have knocked me over with a feather on such unexpected news.

  • That sounds like a reasonable condition, too – Flake. I think coupled with the Deed Reatrictions governing, and a total city-wide ban on roosters, the new Hen ordinance could pass….

  • I move to name the no rooster policy, “The Cockblock”.

  • @commonsense
    One can only hope and pray

  • @commonsense: You made me laugh on a tough day.

  • Agree, Superdave.

  • I’ve had a neighbor who had a hens and a rooster for 20 years. Poultry were illegal in my inner loop neighborhood and yet no one ever complained. I’ve also had neighbors with dogs that bark.

    The rooster, I’d hear perhaps a few dozen times in the late afternoons and in the mornings. On the other hand, the dogs would bark incessantly, all day long and all night long. There was one particular dog whose owner would leave him outside all night when she was away from home — that dog would often bark non-stop for several hours a night.

    I’d take a crowing rooster over barking dogs any day.

    I might add that hens make wonderful pets but 8 hens is too much. IMO, 4 to 6 hens should be plenty to keep a family in fresh eggs.

  • Council spending time on a chicken law? I’m so glad to hear everything else in the city is HUNKY DORY!