Headlines: A Smoother Seawall; The Beehives of Zelko Bistro

Photo of a 25-foot oak tree being planted at Skanska’s 3009 Post Oak Blvd. office building: Craig Hartley/Skanska

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  • Minimum lot size is one way a redeveloped Freedman’s Town could have looked better. Another way would be to have a minimum setback, or a maximum % lot coverage requirement. Of course, that would be getting into ZONING.

  • Get back to us in about 5 years on how that tree transplant went.

  • I certainly understand Mr. Washington’s sentiment. I grew up in Alief during the 80s and I miss the Minemax on Dairy Ashford and Bellaire, I remember the old Alief Hospital, and the acres of farm land across the railroad tracks from Alief-Clodine road.
    What’s happened is progress and change, I’m sure Frank Sharp (if he were alive today) would look at Sharpstown mall and what it’s become.
    How many people who live in the Heights today look at how the Walmart has totally destroyed their neighborhood?
    Is it really a shame that times change, and with it the way a neighborhood looks? I noticed he glossed over the way the place looked in the 80s…

  • Oh please, people can wax poetic all they want about what the 4th ward used to be but the facts are what they are. Run-down shotgun shacks are NOT historic. Not in the least.

    It’s funny how people will let their neighborhood go to hell when it comes to “maintenance” but then when it isn’t redeveloped to their liking they want the taxpayers to pay to “preserve” it. The best preservation is a commitment to maintenance from the start. As is said in the classic car world: “it’s only original ONCE.”