Headlines: Affordable Housing Demos; Young Houston

Photo taken near St. Charles St.: Christopher Newsom [license] via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • “City leaders say removing the eyesores encourages the development of affordable housing. Shakir and Bates say it could also revitalize the street. From the Channel 13 story.”

    But it doesnt REQUIRE it and so in that sense, well, you have misuse of HUD funds. The best example of misuse of HUD funds is the “revitalization” of Fourth Ward. The only reason why there is ANY affordable housing in Fourth Ward is because the Texas Attorney General’s Office stepped in. Our “city leaders” had no problem with Houston Renaissance and its misuse of public funds. The Texas Attorney General’s Office fortunately did. And among those “city leaders” at the time who had no problem with the misuse of HUD funds was, of course, our mayor. Again, don’t blame me. I didn’t vote for her.

  • Re: The guy at the tow lot.. I read that like, they stole his car while he was shopping, he tried to retrieve it without paying their extortionate fees, they blocked him in, and one of their employees probably jumped in front of his car and kicked it, then called the cops for vehicular assault. I hope those vultures get what’s coming to them one day.

  • This is a great photo of the cars that Union Pacific parks behind our neighborhood on a constant basis. I’ve been fighting them for 1 1/2 years now about leaving running refrigerated cars there overnight. Those suckers are LOUD. Yeah, I understand the track was there way before my house but we didn’t have this problem until UP started using it as a delivery point for a local distributor 2 years ago. Miserable sleep for 10 households just so UP can save a few bucks. When the cars aren’t running, I actually enjoy the constant change of scenery. We’ve seen some pretty interesting stuff back there.