Headlines: Americana Remodeling Plans; a Place for the Houston Blues Museum

Photo of Buffalo Bayou: Flickr user Roy Luck [license]

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  • lolz at west u parking etiquette, either you simply enforce the existing laws or do nothing at all. discriminatory enforcement/nannying of otherwise legal activities is nonsense. in the end though, it’s perfectly clear to see where these things are headed with a statment like this “When parking on the street, try to avoid parking in front of another property”. i guess this is what happens when you live around a bunch of old folks with way too much time on their hands though.

  • Allusion?!?!? Seriously?!?! You are shittin me Willis!

  • the bayou looks refreshing

  • Years ago I saw someone pull a snapping turtle out of that bayou, near the Shepherd bridge. Vicious-looking brute; the snapper was mean, too.