Headlines: Banning Smoking at UH; Going Inside EaDo’s 8th Wonder Brewery

Photo of building being torn down at Town & Country Way and Attingham: Robert Boyd via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Instead of considering weekend operation of the HOV just as they do during the weekdays (inbound morning and outbound evening), METRO ought to have all reversible HOV lanes open from 10p Friday until after the Monday inbound rush at 11a–61 hours straight INBOUND ONLY. It’ll need to be set up for inbound traffic to start the work week anyhow, so no extra man hours would be required, just a shift in scheduling. Downtown area businesses and events would benefit greatly from the extra inbound express lane. Maybe even reduce the evening outbound HOV for Friday to configure for the weekend even sooner (maybe only outbound until 7p, who’s going home from work that late on a Friday anyhow?).