Headlines: Bellaire’s Identity Crisis; Friendswood High School’s Rabid Bat

Photo near Westpark Tollway and FM 723 Rd.: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • I would argue that diversity at the county level is basically irrelevant. Diversity becomes most politically relevant for municipalities and and then most socioeconomically relevant for public school zones at different levels of matriculation.

    It shouldn’t be terribly difficult, using modern GIS analytic techniques, to duplicate the study for all kinds of different boundaries that ARE relevant to human socioeconomic interaction.

    Then…there are a variety of techniques that could be used to index MSAs according to the percentage of their elementary schools (or other geographic delineations) that are “highly segregated”. An index like that would be more reliable at quantifying what we THINK we see when we look at racial dot density maps.

    But as usual, Klienberg disappoints with superficial headline-grabbing analysis. It gets him attention, and Rice too, so I probably shouldn’t expect any miracles.