Headlines: Ben Milam Demo Details; Germantown Makes History

Photo of Ben Milam Hotel: Candace Garcia via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Wouldn’t Germantown be just East of Woodland Heights?

  • @caneco: Yep. Corrected now. Thanks!

  • Exxon pulling up stakes for Spring Woods is something that I think Mayor Parker and the Houston Partnership should have worked hard to prevent. Encouraging ExxonMobil to build a new tower or towers in the CBD would have strengthened the core economically, provided food, beverage and hotel jobs downtown, and a built in constituency for Metro. Had this been in Chicago, you better believe the mayor’s office would have fought tooth and nail to insure a marquee name stayed downtown.

  • Actually, Germantown is part of the Woodland Heights.

  • And, congrats to Germantown, hopefully this saves the neighborhood from TXDOT!

  • @mel – Woodland Heights, the subdivision, is across Houston Ave. from Germantown. However, Germantown is within the area served by the Woodland Heights Civic Association.