Headlines: Bernie’s Burger Bus Building in Bellaire; Columbia Tap Trail Users Targeted

Photo of BBVA Compass at 2335 Post Oak Blvd.: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • There was a picture of 708 Main on the Shea Homes story. Are they buying that building for their houston headquarters?

  • 1. Catch the bike trail muggers
    2. Feed said muggers to Santa Fe coyotes
    3. ???
    4. Celebrate with Bernie’s Burger Bus Burger

  • Muggings? On a bike trail that runs straight through the middle of Third Ward? Who ever could have anticipated that?!

  • Alec, 3: Market coyote skin gloves as local free-range organically grown in available ground-floor retail.

  • I should look this up, but … if it’s legal to “carry” in your vehicle without a license (since your vehicle is an extension of your home), and a bicycle is legally a vehicle in Texas, then is it legal to carry on your bicycle without a CHL?

  • GoogleMaster, then you’d better get either a CHL or a mo-ped. The law applies only to “motor vehicles” unless courts have extended the statutory language to cover bicycles. See here section 46.02.

  • GoogleMaster—there’s actually a third option to getting a CHL or a mo-ped: openly carry a shotgun or rifle on your bike. :)

  • That chapter of the Penal Code doesn’t define “motor vehicle”, but the Transportation Code does, in section 541.201. You’re right; 46.02 specifically refers to “motor vehicle”, which excludes bicycles. Jason’s suggestion sounds interesting.

  • or just move to a city with gun restrictions that actually values the lives of kids growing up in low-income areas and then you don’t have to carry a gun to protect yourself from said disenfranchised kids. that may be a little too difficult for houstonians to wrap their heads around though.

  • @joel, those cities you speak of do not exist. And, laws prohibiting firearm possession are seldom followed by criminals, which is why cities with restrictions, like Chicago, often have high rates of crime.

    If one of the miscreants on the bike trail gets shot by an armed bike riding citizen, the incidence of these crimes will go down. Criminals tend to commit crimes that have a high likelihood of success without repercussions.

  • @joel…Don’t gun restricted cities usually have high crime rates? I would guess that, if the trail thugs believed bikers had guns they’d probably wrap their heads around that idea and not rob them.