Headlines: Burger King Ascending in Galveston; Cooking During Disasters with Spam and Nutella

Photo of First Baptist Church at Harvard and Ninth: Jason Ezer

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  • Lots of Latin Americans are buying homes all over Houston, and it’s generally very high end stuff in the Woodland and Memorial. I have a personal hunch that the trend of new home design on the high end will start to move towards compound style with enclosing walls all the way to front of property. I think this style is also becoming more desirable for Americans because of increased animosity toward the wealthy. As the march through River Oaks a couple of months ago showed, nobody’s private property is sacred anymore and you can’t rely on people’s decency to stay off your yard.

  • For once I think you make a good point, Cody. Already you’re seeing a proliferation of fences and gates in residential neighborhoods which is exactly what they do in middle class and wealthy parts of Central and South America (and Europe). The idea of open front lawns is a very American thing.
    That said, I personally prefer open lawns. Depending on how they’re designed, gates and fences can give a false sense of security. In fact, if badly designed they can make the area more dangerous. And don’t get me started on the aesthetics of fences.

  • Sorry, Cody – I meant Commonsense there. My apologies.

  • Build an underground compound like that crackpot in Vegas if you think it’ll keep you safe at night. Quick, everyone to their panic room! The underclass is asking for an increase in real wages for the first time in 25 years!

  • We had to have fences in order to keep the homeless from camping on front stoop. It wasn’t to keep out crime, just to deter those who felt they had a right to live on my front porch.

  • why is the church wrapped?

  • @nate, probably being tented for termites.

  • Walt and Jesse are cooking inside.

  • There are a lot of the fully fenced properties over in 77005. A couple on my block look like they might be complete dumps. I like to walk by them and make assumptions about what the owner is hording inside.