Headlines: Christian Louboutin Boutique for Houston; Illegal Dumpers Caught on Camera

Photo of apartments at 3788 Richmond Ave. (previously on Swamplot): Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Has anyone dubbed “Exxonville” for Springwood yet? If not! I want to take credit..lol Sounds like Utopia…I hope Oil and Gas continues to be strong in the near future…policy in current and future government administration can play a big part on that. On that note, I would be hesitant to move in to a community that has the potential for government to have such a large and direct influence on. Imagine massive layoffs due to changes in policy…Not saying that all households will be linked to ExxonMobile…but I am sure it will be packaged to be the ideal choice to work at the new campus…

  • JR, there is already an area in Houston where govt policy has affected real estate and local business…its called Clear Lake thanks to continuous changes in the NASA budget.

  • …and just a bit of coincidental trivia, clear lake was developed by friendswood development company which was owned by exxon.

  • SJ, Awww YES! How could I have forgotten. A quick google search of “Clear Lake NASA layoffs” brings up dozens of articles on the effect on the community…

  • I haven’t bought a drop of gas for commuting since July when I started biking to work. It can be done. Take that, Exxon.