Headlines: EaDo Food Truck Park’s Problems; Oak Forest’s Big Rig Rejection

Photo of Uptown: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • I am almost certain that the big rig in questions was on Wakefield (don’t think the article said). I can understand the annoyance, but honestly all the construction crews speeding down that street are much worse than having a big rig parked on the street from time to time. He mostly kept it in the driveway. Must be all the $30,000 millionaires moving into GOOF making the complaints.

  • The article says new neighbors. But,the HOA should have addressed this issue prior to this.

  • Oak Forest is in an uproar over Mr. Gashette’s plight. The people who lodged the complaints are known to everyone now, and from what I can gather, they may have solved their problem with Mr. Gashette’s rig but they have created a host of new ones. They have no friends in Oak Forest. Even a number of new residents have come to Mr. Gashette’s defense. I suspect their problems have only begun.

  • He always seemed very friendly and honestly the truck was rarely in the street. He parked it well off the street on the driveway most of the time. Again, the bigger problem with that street, if it is in fact Wakefield, is not only the amount of construction, but the way the crews and some residents race up and down the street.

  • I”m really surprised Dallas has more construction starts than Houston.

    I’m not singling out Dallas, I just thought Houston would be #1, then I remembered of course New York is always #1 in these rankings, so Houston should be #2. Surprisingly it is not.

    But what sector could a city have that is more booming than energy in this down economy? I can’t figure this one out right off the bat.

  • World’s jerkiest neighbors. Guy lived there forever and they zoom in and want to change things in a neighborhood they decided they liked before buying. If these neighbors were on my street I would shun them too.

  • I have seen obvious work vehicles parked in many driveways in Oak Forest. I frequently drive down Wakefield and have never been inconvenienced by a semi. However, there are plenty of people who have perfectly good garages who park on the street already congested with construction and contractor vehicles. Honestly, 4 or 5 bedrooms and you still can’t park in your garage?

  • Provided he wasn’t using his house as a some kind of distribution hub (have never seen a trailer in his driveway before, only the tractor), I don’t see how this can be construed as “use of the property for business or commercial purposes.” If that were true, then every plumber, electrician, or middle manager’s company issued car that’s parked at home overnight would be in violation; not to mention every garage sale or Etsy/Scentsy transaction that takes place on the property.