Headlines: East End’s Lost Retail Potential; Houston’s Construction Worker Shortage

Photo of 1500 Louisiana: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • “Oil Spotted in Sims Bayou…”.

    War immediately declared on Sims Bayou.

  • If oil was spotted in Sims Bayou, they might want to check for a submerged vehicle.

  • “Oil Spotted in Sims Bayou…”

    Tomorrow’s headline:
    “ExxonMobil announces shallow water exploration project in Sims Bayou.”

  • I’m pretty certain that the photo posted is actually Chevron’s other building at 1400 Smith.

  • Wrong HoustonRealtor, 1500 Louisiana is the bldg on the left in the photo.

  • I didn’t say that the building on the left wasn’t 1500 Louisiana, infinite_jim. However, that building is not the main subject in the photo. I was referring to the building that is front and center. Using your logic, why not caption the photo as 1415 Smith, which is the parking garage on the right side of the photo? Or even 1400 Louisiana, which is the parking garage in the foreground on the right side of the photo.

  • To take the picture I was standing exactly in the middle of Louisiana and Bell, but yes, the building in the middle of the picture is standing on Smith and Bell. The street on the pix is Bell St. :)