Headlines: Ellington Spaceport Plans Revealed; Toll Road Hikes Explained

Photo of light rail at the University of Houston Downtown: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • We need to become Space City once again, and this spaceport is an obvious step on the right direction. I think the Inner Loop also needs to start tying in to NASA — how about a space museum in the Museum District, for instance? We don’t always have to put those museums in the outskirts.

  • That toll road ‘discussion’ was filled with sound and fury. Obviously Peter Kay is good at blowing smoke into the rear ports of people he tries to lie, er, interface with.

  • The Gulf/Chase lobby is by far the prettiest in Houston.
    Space Center Houston is an enormously popular musuem and of course it’s at NASA, people who care about space science want to go to NASA to view space history not the Museum Distict. It would be like NYC putting a skyscraper musuem on Long Island

  • Houston definitely has room for both the Johnson Space Center and a space museum in the museum district.

  • I came off a decade-long haze of aspirational classic slacker living up in Austin when I finally decided to make the move to H-town. I found my new home to be eminently more slacker-friendly than our hip capitol city, not just because of the cheaper standard of living, but because I found Houstonian’s general don’t-give-a-s**t attitude to be a refreshing departure from the intensely needy affirmation-seeking city to our west. And in fact I think I matured by about 10 years while simultaneously holding true to my fundamentally progressive values. So I second this finding of Houston as a Duderiffic town. Or Dude-tastic. Or cool, if you’re into the brevity thing.

  • The Houston Museum of Natural Science used to have some space-oriented exhibits. It still has the Planetarium.

    Why not revive that aspect of the existing museum, rather than look for another plot of land in the Museum District?

    People who really care will make the drive out to NASA.

  • Thanks for your life’s story, Anse.

  • Just wait for the movie version.