Headlines: Finding Ribs at Park Memorial; More Business for Chick-fil-A

Photo of investigators at Park Memorial site: Matt Sampsell/News 92 FM

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  • Starbucks is getting on the “appreciation day” circuit, too:

  • Dang, forgot about Starbucks. So, the dilemma is… do I follow the logic of Chick-Fil-A protesters of today and go to Starbucks and have sex with my wife on their couches and worst of all, not buy a single coffee? Or… do I remain civilized and simply not go there and not buy their product?

  • Most polls find support for gay marriage up to 50% (even though its been voted down almost every time it’s come to a vote by the public). So we can all agree support is pretty split.
    Yet with ~50% on either side, it seems like the biggest controversy in the world if a company is against gay marriage yet if a company comes out for it they are enlightened, wonderful and are media darlings.
    Why is that? Please don’t say it’s because gay marriage is the right policy so of course people should react that way since its already know support is split yet people treat companies on one side very differently.
    I’m not making a comment in gay marriage one way or another, but the hypocrisy in the debate is mind blowing.

  • It seems 50 percent of the population forgot an important line in American History— “‘We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.'”

  • It would seems alot of people don’t know “tolerance” is a two way street.

  • Purdue, when that was written, it was the “self evident” of the day which meant all White Anglo Saxon Protestants who own land are equal. But today’s meaning is that all men are created equal and what separates them is their action. So, no one is equal based on their actions.

    I prefer the quote: “All men are equal, but some are more equal then others.”

  • Purdue: Great argument for gay marriage. But again, my questions this: with the population split on the issue why so many attacks on a company against gay marriage but those for are ignored?

  • Commonsense:

    So what youre saying is. Everyone is equal*

    *Except Blacks, Latinos, Women, Homosexuals, Poor people, Chinese, Japanese, Basically anyone who is different than you.
    USA! USA!

  • @cody.

    I’m going to alter the scenario a lot. Imagine if a corporation were donating millions of dollars to promote discrimination against women, or african americans? We would all be outraged! (at least I hope). A short history lesson would show that laws against interracial marriage existed in 41 US states in the early 1960s (Banned by supreme court in 1967). The justification (in many cases) against interracial marriage was religion. Should we as a society respect that? Should there be an institutionalization of discrimination against homosexuals because 50 percent of the population is against gay marriage? Majority rules, Minority Rights- That’s freedom. CFA isnt getting prosecuted in the legal system for what theyve done… Their rights arent being oppressed, meanwhile theyre funding organizations that actually do oppress people. Thats why people are outraged at CFA.

  • Purdue, that is not at all what I said, you assumed based on your own bias.

    I said that all people are equal, it’s their actions, behaviors, and merits is what makes them unequal, and rightfully so.

    An employed person is not equal to a street bum, a developer is not equal to the guy shoveling dirt on the road, and economics professor is not equal to a guy peddling multi-level marketing scams.

  • @#6,

    It’s that “then/than” thing.

    then others what?

  • @commonsense Economic equality is the not the same as legal eqaulity. The funny thing is, all those people still have the right to marriage. All those people mentioned are protected by the same constitutional rights too!

    Nonetheless, as your bigoted self proved in a previous blog post, you believe homosexuality is a choice (hence the ‘actions’ line). Something I provided sources to(and others), indicating, it is not a choice. Since you actively hate, and promote hate towards a percentage of the population. I in general, assume you do it for everyone different than you included women, minority races, and of course homosexuals. Ask yourself, how does gay marriage affect your relationship with your significant other? The fact of the matter is, it doesnt affect you at all. Your insecurities (I should say homophobia) and lack of understanding are the exact same justifications used to oppress Women in the middle east. In the end you are standing in the way of freedom, and thus are unamerican.

  • Purdue: you altered my question/scenario to be totally different from the one I asked. You’re making arguments in favor of gay marriage. Why? I’m not arguing against it
    I’m asking one thing: outrage against a company who is against something but no outrage for companies for something, when the issue is split in the public. So while you might think gay marriage is great, 1/2 the public doesn’t, so give that fact why the large difference in outrage?

  • This subject is getting old fast, it’s not about gay marriage, it’s about free speech. If you don’t like the CEO, don’t eat there. If you are trying to convince me that gay marriage is the way to go, I don’t agree, and I don’t care what you believe or how you live your life. We have a gay Mayor Pete’s sake, should I boycott the city because I am straight? STFU and eat wherever you want! Gay is Gay and straight is straight, we will never agree, and we don’t need to. More Chicks for me.

  • Cody, your poll numbers are skewed. there’s a clear majority favoring equal rights on this. you could say half the voting population is split on not letting peoples beliefs deny other members of my community basic civil rights, but that is in no way shape or form the same as saying half the population.

    the fact is, it’s a simple demographic issue. i know i wasn’t the only one amused at seeing geezer filled lines at chik-fil-a.

  • All of you are completely missing the forest for the trees.

    What we have witnessed in the last week is one of the most brilliant marketing campaigns in the U.S.

    A restaurant chain that is pretty much concentrated in one corner of the U.S. has obtain national notoriety.

    Chik-fil-a the company already has and will continue to have a non-discrimination policy in regards to sexual orientation (i.e. they don’t discriminate against homosexuality). The president of the company being interviewed and making the statements that started all this was a calculated move.

    Chik-fil-a knew there would be a backlash and big support along with controversy.

    For all those anti-chik-fil-a posts in the social media, Chik-fil-a thanks you.

    Any publicity is good publicity. Because of these events (which the majority will forget in a couple of months), the name chik-fil-a will stick in a vast new audience that never heard of the chain. And all this will little marketing dollars spent. This is playing right into Chik-fil-a’s planned expansion across the U.S.

    Again, Chik-fil-a thanks all hate filled posts in the social media world. You just helped get it’s name out while knowing the masses won’t remember the controversy.

  • Kjb: I agree with the result but not the intention. Meaning I agree this will be a net positive for them but I dont think it was premeditated.

  • Why is it that pro same-sex marriage folk rarely give President Obama flak for the anti-same-sex marriage stance that he held for years? This is what is more unnerving and hypocritical to me. Democrats seem to like to turn a blind eye at things like this (and yes, Republicans have their fair share of problems).

    The root of this whole debate is not Chick-Fil-A’s CEO’s remarks (he’s been consistent here), but rather the fact that mayors in liberal cities are trying to illegally prevent him from operating a business. Just because you don’t hold the same views as an individual does not allow you to prevent him from operating a perfectly legitimate business – selling delicious chicken sandwiches to the world!

    Look, people are on both sides of the debate and that’ll never change. Be respectful and get over that fact. One can be pro-marriage (man/wife) while at the same time not being a bigot, hateful, etc. My chiropractor is gay, I love eating at Barnaby’s, I think Mayor Parker does a decent job running this town. Just because I (and others) don’t agree on the topic of same-sex marriage doesn’t mean they hate gay people…