Headlines: Flora & Muse No More; The Texas Personality Type

Photo of Imperial Sugar in Sugar Land: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Texan Types by judging our Aggie Yell Leader Dyslexic Gov and Teabagging, Havard Asshole of the Century Recipient, Senator: Narcissistic, boot wearing, prickly if questioned, doesn’t play well with others, Bigoted, Homophobe, Fundamentaist(thinks the Earth is 7000 years old, is flat, Jesus looked like Brad Pitt, and Adam and Eve (both white) populated the World), believe Tayxis should be its own country, thinks we should go back to the good ole days of segragation, think we should pay no taxes (taxes are fer suckers), and believes no one can be too far to the right. It’s very sad that this is most peoples view of Texans, when I travel I’m astonished how loathed the state is, I’ve stopped even trying to defend it, I mean with Perry and Cruz making us look like idiots all you can do is say well, that’s Tayxis.

  • I would be in favor of Texas again becoming a nation. Then we could build a giant fence along the Louisiana border to keep people out.

  • CREOLE, and that’s the way we like it and don’t you forget it.

  • I see it’s perfectly fine for a commenter to publicly trash the Governor with lies but nothing can be said about him in return. Hmmmm

  • @#4 – That would be the difference between being a public figure and a private citizen. I don’t notice our friends on the R side of the ledger being particularly deferential to the President.

  • I think the HoustonPress is betraying a bit of insecurity in the post. I read a review of the same study in the Cities blog at The Atlantic that paints Texas in a much better light. Case in point:

    Where the HoustonPress frets about not being friendly, another interpretation offers, “The orange shading in Texas also helps explain the high level of innovation and creativity in Austin and around Houston.”