Headlines: Food Truck U; Repainted President Obama Mural Targeted

Photo at Sam Houston Tollway and I-10: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Re Galleria event: Our company had a suite at the Toyota center for a couple of years and we attended a lot of the events (even picking the cheer leading squad for following year)but I was shocked how “segregated” all the new NBA events are and are getting more so.

  • It must cost a ton to insure a big house on the coast these days. I always figured that’s why most little Texas coastal communities went more for the low key bait-camp aesthetic. I like that better.

  • The Obama mural again? Yawn. The Breakfast Klub ought to be paying for all the advertising they’re getting.

  • Commonsense: I don’t understand your comment. Am I missing something?

  • Fdm, I was trying to phrase it in the most politically correct way, but in a nutshell… I remember NBA being a very diverse sport (as far as fans go) but in the recent years it has become just a Black sport. All about black teenagers and basketball shoes. The turnout at the Galleria was a proof of that. I think NBA needs to dial back their “urban” image and adjust their advertising.

  • Commonsense: I didn’t get that from reading the article.

  • I don’t have cable so I haven’t seen much NBA or their advertising lately.

    Dwayne Wade is on a billboard on 45 north and he is in a black leather hoody and you barely even tell it is him since he is so dark and there is a shadow on his face. It looks kinda cool but at the same time I could see how some people would think he looks some random gangster on a billboard. Its poorly done anyway, I can’t tell at all who the ad is for.

  • “Segregated” is a word that has a specific meaning. Events that African Americans choose to attend is something quite different.

  • Bastketball sure was super fun back when rich guys got to sit around in a skybox and pick which 19 year old gets to wear lyrcra and shake her pompoms. Those black kids have a lot of nerve. Goes to show that there is nothing common about sense.

  • heyzeus, based on the pictures it was definitely segregated… reverse segregated.

    mel, it’s spelled Lycra and it was fabulous :)

  • “Politically correct” is a dismissive term for what the rest of us think of as simply being polite, or respectful of others, or at least not openly rude.

  • So basketball has too many black people? Huh. That’s an odd opinion. But I will confess that I’ve felt that way on the few occasions I’ve played golf at private clubs. Lots of dorky clothes and too many white people.

  • I was actually trying to make my point FOR diversity. Whereas NASCAR and even Golf are becoming more and more diverse with players and spectators, NBA seems to be becoming less and less diverse (in the opposite direction).

  • Baseball and football have certain requirements that are sometimes difficult to meet in an urban, mostly asphalt environment. Equipment is expensive and big grassy areas can be a pain for a municipal government to maintain. Basketball courts, on the other hand, can fit into smaller spaces and require just a minimum of initial investment on the part of the local municipality or neighborhood organization. Just an alley with a bucket nailed to a telephone pole, and all you need is a ball to make a game of two-on-two. This is one possible explanation for the game’s popularity among urban populations. I don’t think the NBA went out of their way to attract black fans; I think they recognized at some point that some of their strongest fans were African-Americans and they cultivated that market.

  • How is this a story?

    The man was not taken into custody and no charges were filed because no crime had been committed, Smith said.

  • @Craig – It’s a story if for no other reason than some of the trolls have suggested that the Breakfast Klub’s owner was vandalizing his own building. No crime had been committed YET, but it was prevented. By the Breakfast Klub’s owner. As for the previous round of trolling, the video I saw on TV news from the surveillance cam showed the perps wearing full head masks – which tends to make ID a bit difficult.

  • The REAL crime is the death food served by Breakfast Klub.

    Mrs. Obama would NOT approve of the death menu.

  • I can see how the average internet commenter would be confused by the Breakfast Klub story. On the one hand, you have a property owner protecting his sanctified private property rights by the exercise of his second amendment rights. That’s the vigilante’s stuff of dreams. On the other hand, it’s a black man doing so, and that causes feelings of fear and unease. No problem, just call him a “thug,” and you’ll feel secure knowing you’ve got the situation figured out.

  • Of course, it’s a laugh a minute to see a fervent Obama supporter carrying one of the very firearms the President wants to ban

  • Heyzeus: I think if someone is a fan of private property rights and using the second amendment to protect that right, they are not going to care about the color of the person.
    Suggesting that is just a round about way to assume people that support private property and/or the second amendment must be racist. Come on. You’re better than that.

  • @mollusk, so the guys that did the crime the first time wore masks, this guy that was found walking with an open paint can didn’t have a mask. Obviously, if he was going to deface the mural, it wasn’t the same people/person as the last time, but a copycat.

  • Cody, I’ve read a lot of internet comments. I’m not just suggesting that racism is involved when internet commenters condemn a black person for exercising his second amendment rights when they would praise a white person for same. That’s the entire point.

  • @ toasty – I never meant to imply that I have any idea how many different perps there might be, much less that it’s always the same one. Shoot, just judging by the trolling here, there are plenty of yahoos to go around.

  • heyzeus- Don’t you see the irony of a guy who paints shrines to his idol on the side of his building and walks around with a scary looking black gun when his idol is the one trying to eliminate his rights to buy said firearm? I guess not.

  • The only irony I see here is the failure to understand irony.

  • Orwellian dog-whistle concern trolling? No way! It’s just ironic! :chuckle chuckle:

  • Mel- Think about it really hard and it will come to you eventually. Maybe.