Headlines: Galveston Gallery for the King Biscuit; Sound Ordinance Cases Not Heard

Photo: Stephen J. Alexander via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • I knew that kooky noise ordinance wouldn’t hold water. I hope everyone that has moved next to a pre-existing club or bar bought ear plugs.

  • dan, what about the home owners who settled the wilds of Washington Avenue before the fist pumpers joined the party? Thankfully I don’t live anywhere near WADD, but I think the homeowner’s complaints are certainly valid. I mean, you’ll agree with me that the 100 year old houses were there first, right? What’s the solution? What’s the compromise?

  • mel, move to a dead and or dying city, where nothing will ever change except the slow reversion to nature.

  • Mel: This one is simple. If you don’t like where you live, then move somewhere you would prefer to live. It is your place in society that you should adapt to it, not that it should be made to adapt to you.

    Also, contrary to the pseudo-wisdom of Realtwhores, it’s only a house and some land. Homeownership is not a moral virtue, and your house is not akin to your child. The abortion, abandonment, adoption, or even the trafficking of houses is perfectly fine.

  • …you could even lease it out to a fat, violent, coked-up Russian dude. By the hour.

  • You guys can’t read. I don’t live in WADD, so I am not affected by the drunks who frequent the businesses on Washington. Moving to Detroit wont solve the underlying problem. Any other suggestions?

  • I’d give the same advice to homeowners in WADD. Although I used the pronoun “you”, it was a statements meant to be broadly construed by a general audience.

    If you (yourself) had these problems, you might consider moving to The Woodlands…not Detroit. I think that you’d fit in better with HOA culture. Dallas might also be a good fit.

  • TheNiche (and fellow contrarians), why do you feel the need to attack me and encourage me to move to the Woodlands (I suggested Destroit in response to awp’s inistence that I move to a dying city) rather than actually respond to my question? Is it because you don’t have much to offer by way of constructive solutions to a very real problem? I understand you, and I mean you in particular and not the generalized “you” that you are proned to using, and your tactics, but I don’t understand your motivation.