Headlines: Giant Tax Zone for Astrodome, County Jail Complex; Ending Restaurant Jinxes

Photo of Nob Hill Park, Spring Branch: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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  • Does anyone have more information about the new South Loop redevelopment zone? We received a notice in the mail that our house is to be included in a newly proposed management district that fits the article’s description… but there have been no votes by us or our neighborhood to join it, and no one really knows what the purpose of the district is and how it impacts us.

  • Why post a link to a article that you can’t read unless you have a subscription?

  • Brian, suggest you research by calling the parties named in the article, Andy Icken-houston chief development officer, David Turkel-Harris County Community Services, and El Franco Lee-Precinct 1 commissioner. Yes, it will be time-consuming and you’ll get passed around, but keep at it.

  • At least you were made aware Brian. Over here off Harrisburg (east of downtown), we were never officially notified that our house had also been quietly placed in a TIRZ, the new Harrisburg TIRZ. If I hadn’t dug around looking we wouldn’t have found out till it showed up on the property taxes.

  • On the redevelopment zone, area civic clubs have been working on clarifying this. Here is a letter from the office of Larry Green: http://www.knollwoodvillagecc.org/stadiumPark/emailGreen.pdf

  • My understanding of the redevelopment zone is that it cannot place ad valorem taxes on residential properties.

  • TIRZ don’t tax. They just capture any increase in taxes in their area for reinvestment in their area.

    The only likely impacts are more direct investment in infrastructure and subsidies for developers to build Ashby high rise in your back yard.

  • Watch out. It’s another government sponsored land grab. And there is NO mechanism to protest. Our government officials in action!!!

  • Boy, I’d sure like to read the redevelopment article…

  • @ Patrick & Eddie: Did you bother doing any research about TIRZ before parroting tired tea party rhetoric? http://www.houstontx.gov/ecodev/tirz.html
    There’s also a public hearing before City Council in two weeks.