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Photo of Tiger Mart, 2111 Fannin St.: Candace Garcia

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  • The AREA that the Texaco is in is a public nuisance. What do they expect from a 24 hr convenience store right there by the bus stop? We’re not going to get a hipster organic bakery there filled with rich white hybrid driving customers no matter how much they city might want it. If that place goes, the same thing will take it’s place.
    It’s up to the city and the police to do a better job policing that area.

  • When I used to work downtown, I would once in a while stop at that Texaco station on Fannin to fill up or get a snack/drink after work. I stopped going because I got tired of being hit up for money. The last time I went someone got in my face because I refused to part with more than a couple of dollars.(I am willing to help those that are down and out, but I am not going to put myself in the financial hole to do it.) The management had no interest in getting loiterers off their property and the police even less. I agree Cody, nothing will change until law enforcement and the owners of the business get serious about chasing off people that harrass customers.

  • Chicken and the egg. Which came first, poor policing in the area or Tiger Mart not doing enough to keep the riff raff off their property? If Tiger Mart sued the City for doing a crappy job policing the area, they would get thrown out of court. But the City can sue Tiger Mart and only allege an ommission by Tiger Mart and not any action in support of criminal activity and probably force Tiger Mart out of business just on the legal fees needed to defend the lawsuit. And how does the crime count at that store compare to the Walmart on Dunvale?

    I smell someone with friends in high places wanting to buy that property.

  • you could say the same about any gas station in the downtown area.

    this is why wwe have cops, so store and porperty owners don’t have to risk their lives confronting vagrants. it’s not a property owners job, plain and simple.

  • Old School,
    “I smell someone with friends in high places wanting to buy that property.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised.

    What exactly is the store expected to do? Call the cops every time someone “dirty/suspicious/poor” spends more than five seconds hanging out on the property. It’s not just the Greyhound station, which just generally produces people of middling to lower socioeconomic status waiting for a ride, it is also all the halfway houses.

  • I live near the area and am frustrated with HPD’s lack of interest in running off vagrants. Usually I just see several police cars running a speed trap a couple minutes down W. Gray instead of actually patrolling and looking out for taxpayers. I guess it’s easier for an officer to write someone a ticket by walking out and waving them over to the side of the road instead of protecting property owners from crime.

  • What rationale do you want HPD to use to “run off” the vagrants. If they are hanging around the gas station, it’s up to the owner to run them off, the police are called if the vagrants refuse to leave. Being a vagrant isn’t a crime, in and of itself.

  • I think grayhoud should stop being a public eye sore to.In my opion that whole corner needs to go.If you get ride of both of those places then the crime would drop dramticactily.